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Philosophical, Historical, and Interdisciplinary Studies (School of)
Colchester Campus
Full Year
Undergraduate: Level 6
Thursday 03 October 2024
Friday 27 June 2025
21 September 2023


Requisites for this module



Key module for

BA T712 American Studies (United States) (UK Study) (Including Placement Year),
BA T770 American Studies (United States) (including Placement Year),
BA T7P4 American Studies (United States) with Film (Including Placement Year),
BA V315 Art History (Including Placement Year),
MARTVB98 Art History (Including Placement Year),
BA VV32 Art History and History (Including Placement Year),
BA V532 Continental Philosophy (Including Placement Year),
BA MT3R Criminology and American Studies (Including Placement Year),
BA MT62 Criminology and American Studies (UK Study) (Including Placement Year),
BA R002 European Studies (Including Placement Year),
BA VW37 Film Studies and Art History (Including Placement Year),
BA T721 Latin American Studies (Including Placement Year),
BA V901 Liberal Arts (Including Placement Year),
BA QV24 Literature and Art History (Including Placement Year),
BA V503 Philosophy (including Placement Year),
MPHIVA98 Philosophy (Including Placement Year),
BA VV55 Philosophy and Art History (Including Placement Year),
BA VV16 Philosophy and History (Including Placement Year),
BA MVC6 Philosophy and Law (Including Placement Year),
BA QV26 Philosophy and Literature (Including Placement Year),
BA LV26 Philosophy and Politics (Including Placement Year),
BA LV36 Philosophy and Sociology (Including Placement Year),
BA V6M9 Philosophy with Human Rights (Including Placement Year),
BA VV57 Philosophy, Religion and Ethics (Including Placement Year),
BA V353 Curating (including Placement Year),
BA L905 Global Studies (Including Placement Year),
BA L912 Global Studies with Politics (Including Placement Year),
BA L917 Global Studies with Human Rights (Including Placement Year),
BA W352 Art History, Visual Culture and Media Studies (including Placement Year),
BA L402 Social Change (including Placement Year),
BA VV22 Philosophy with Business Management (Including Placement Year),
BA L935 Global Studies with Business Management (Including Placement Year),
BA L996 Global Studies with Latin American Studies (including Placement Year),
BA L992 Global Studies and Latin American Studies (including Placement Year),
BA V307 Curating with Politics (including Placement Year),
BA V311 Curating with History (including Placement Year),
BA VV42 Art History, Heritage and Museum Studies (including Placement Year),
BA V303 Curating, Heritage and Human Rights (Including Placement Year),
BA C902 Global Studies with Sustainability (including Placement Year),
BA V5L7 Philosophy, Ethics and Sustainability (Including Placement Year)

Module description

This module enables you to undertake a full placement year with an external Placement Provider, who will be your host organisation for the period of the placement (a minimum of 30 weeks).

During the placement, you will complete a number of assessments which enable you to utilise and develop the links between the knowledge and skills developed in your academic course and the work-based skills developed in carrying out your placement role.

Module aims

The aims of this module are:

  • To provide you with the opportunity to apply your academic learning outcomes in a work-related context.

  • To enable you to develop essential work-based skills throughout the placement.

  • To provide you with the opportunity to analyse your practical work in a theoretical context.

Module learning outcomes

By the end of this module, students will be expected to be able to:

  1. Reflect on and articulate the learning gained from a work placement.

  2. Devise and revise learning goals and identify future actions to enhance your employability.

  3. Record and interrogate critical incidences and moments of insight.

  4. Investigate jobs and organisations and identify opportunities that appeal to you.

  5. Synthesise the impact that experiential learning in the work place has for your personal, academic and employability development and future career choices.

Module information

You are responsible for securing the placement, with support from the School and University. The main support is provided by the Placements Team, and you should contact them at the earliest opportunity.

Placements have to be approved by the School's Placement Officer. If you cannot secure a suitable placement in time, you will be transferred onto the equivalent three-year course without placement. If there are issues with this timing, you should contact the School's Placement Officer as quickly as possible – while no guarantees can be provided, special exceptions may be granted.

An acceptable placement should include the following elements:

- Ability to apply subject-specific reasoning and learning
- Provide opportunities for practical learning in an organisation relevant to your career aspirations
- Enable you to assume an appropriate degree of responsibility
- Be at Junior Professional level or clearly related to graduate-level work, such as to improve the chances of the placement holder to gain graduate-level work after completing it

You should contact the School's Placement Officer at the earliest opportunity to ascertain that the placement you aim to apply for is suitable.

Learning and teaching methods

The learning and teaching methods will be dependent on the placement and will be recorded for you on the training agreement signed by you, the Placement Provider and the University.

You will be assigned to an Academic Supervisor in your Department, and a Placement Supervisor named by the Placement Provider.

You will liaise with your Academic Supervisor and your Placement Supervisor on a regular basis throughout the period of your placement, and as necessary after the placement has ended in order to allow you to complete the assessed work for the module.

The Academic Supervisor will be appointed prior to undertaking your placement, and will contact you at defined points throughout the placement. The Academic Supervisor will be available via email and phone as necessary during the period you are on placement.

You will additionally be provided with the contact details of administrative staff in the SPAH who will be contactable throughout the placement; and with the details of the Faculty Placements Team who will be available to you throughout your placement to provide advice and support in relation to generic work-based learning issues.


This module does not appear to have a published bibliography for this year.

Assessment items, weightings and deadlines

Coursework / exam Description Deadline Coursework weighting
Coursework   Career research report (a and b)    35% 
Coursework   Final reflective report (1750 words)    55% 
Practical   Short discussion    10% 

Exam format definitions

  • Remote, open book: Your exam will take place remotely via an online learning platform. You may refer to any physical or electronic materials during the exam.
  • In-person, open book: Your exam will take place on campus under invigilation. You may refer to any physical materials such as paper study notes or a textbook during the exam. Electronic devices may not be used in the exam.
  • In-person, open book (restricted): The exam will take place on campus under invigilation. You may refer only to specific physical materials such as a named textbook during the exam. Permitted materials will be specified by your department. Electronic devices may not be used in the exam.
  • In-person, closed book: The exam will take place on campus under invigilation. You may not refer to any physical materials or electronic devices during the exam. There may be times when a paper dictionary, for example, may be permitted in an otherwise closed book exam. Any exceptions will be specified by your department.

Your department will provide further guidance before your exams.

Overall assessment

Coursework Exam
100% 0%


Coursework Exam
100% 0%
Module supervisor and teaching staff
Dr Steven Gormley, email: segorm@essex.ac.uk.
PHAIS General Office - 6.130; isugadmin@essex.ac.uk.


Travel costs for UK - based unpaid, approved work placements and live projects which are an integral part of a module may be covered by your department. (NB this will usually exclude field trips and site visits). Please check with your module supervisor to ensure that the activity is eligible.

External examiner

Prof Raphael Hallett
Higher Education Consultant - Senior Advisor
Available via Moodle
No lecture recording information available for this module.


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