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  • Araceli Perez Quezada, MSc Statistics and Data Analysis '11

    “I can describe my year at the University of Essex as a growing experience both personally and academically. The Department of Mathematical Sciences has many advantages. One of these is that maths is a small department that allows close relationships among all students, so I learned how to work with people from different nationalities. Also, the supervision during the summer project is very useful.

    I found that the combination of core and optional modules is very useful in my risk management career. I now frequently use many statistical tools that I learned at Essex. I recommend that new students are wise in the selection of optional modules - think about what you want in the future.

    In general, I enjoyed my life at Essex University. I especially benefitted from the various student societies, which allowed me to make friends, to learn about other cultures, to travel and to have fun.”

  • Maryam Belgibayeva, MSc Mathematics and Finance '11

    “My year at Essex was both challenging and exciting. To achieve good results I had to study a lot but it was so amazing to obtain new knowledge, broaden my experience, and find new friends.

    The friendly atmosphere, supportive and very professional staff were the main advantages of the Department of Mathematical Sciences. The structure of my course was excellent, combining very useful financial courses (financial modelling, risk management, etc.) and mathematical subjects (portfolio mathematics, research methods etc.), which complemented each other and gave full understanding of the mathematical tools applied in the financial sphere.

    Being at Essex was not only academically interesting; I really liked that the University had various clubs and societies, and a very good Sports Centre.

    To sum up, Essex, and the Department of Maths in particular, met all of my expectations and I strongly recommend it to all prospective students.”

  • Hafsa Mufeez, MSc Statistics and Computer Science '09

    “It was an incredible and fantastic time of my life which I had at the University of Essex. I found a combination of brilliant teaching and innovative career counselling at the department of Mathematics.

    I did my course in Statistics and Computer Science and now very successful in my career upon choosing the right combination of modules encapsulated in right format of educational environment.

    The guidance at the department was very supportive indeed. In my opinion, university is amazing for its multicultural environment and contains a wonderful life on campus. I found it a real lively place to accelerate the pace of study as well as social life.”

  • Özgün Töreyen, MSc Statistics and Operational Research '08

    “I did a Masters degree in Statistics and Operational Research in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Essex after completing a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and a Masters degree in Operational Research at one of the top three universities in Turkey. I also worked as a project analyst and evaluation engineer in an electronics defence company while doing my Masters degree in Turkey.

    After three years of work following my Masters degree in Turkey, I decided to study the same subject abroad. This is because I liked my subject and I wanted to see a different approach to the same subject. I chose the University of Essex because I found a supervisor who studies the subjects I wanted to study, after a thorough search for the best place for myself.

    The MSc programme offered at the University of Essex satisfied my requirements as it had a well balanced content blending statistical modelling, graph theory, abstract mathematics, optimization and data mining as well as other topics. My dissertation dealt with solving complex optimisation problems using a multi-agent system based on game theory.

    While enjoying the facilities and the multi-national culture of the University, I enjoyed the programme which made me a specialist in applied combinatorial optimization with exact algorithms and meta-heuristics that I was already familiar with. I also learnt more on statistical modelling, graph theory, data mining and neural network systems. I enjoyed every bit of the summer dissertation with my supervisor. The project enabled us to subsequently write two papers and participate at many conferences. The topic of my thesis was on the application of a multi-agent system to a political problem concerning the potential membership of Turkey to the EU. We approached the problem as a clustering one, which we turned into a combinatorial optimization one, which we then solved using a number of agents playing a game. This meant that I also had to learn more on game theory.

    Turning back to work after a year, all the notions I gained made my life easier with multi-criteria, multi-dimensional and multivariate analyses of complex and risky defence projects.”