Measure Theory, Volume 3, 2012 edition

This directory contains the source files for the 2012 edition of Volume 3 of MEASURE THEORY. They are plain TeX files in a gzipped tar file mt3.2012.tar.gz (1030KB). The individual files are also here; in particular you may like to take the index (mti.tex, plain TeX file, 482KB) separately, for electronic searches. If you have problems with the compilation, see texproblems.htm.

File listing:
vol3I.tex Main TeX files
volwp.aux Special macro files
ams*.* (4 files) AMSTeX macro files
psfig.sty in case your system doesn't have it
mt3*.tex (83 files) Individual sections
mt03I.tex Contents
mti.tex Index
mt3*.ps (4 files) Diagrams Logo
dsl.txt Design Science License
readme.txt a text version of this file

This work is copyright, but is issued under the terms of the Design Science License.

For a general description of the work, see here.