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2012 Graduates: Chris, Accounting and Mathematics, Charlotte and Peter, Mathematics

Chris, Charlotte and Peter remember their time at Essex and tell us what they’ll miss most about their time here.

Maths for a Living World – Group decision-making in humans and animals

Have you ever wondered how a flock of birds decide where they are going to fly? Do two wrongs really make a right? Dr Edward Codling is a senior lecturer in Mathematical Biology. In this taster lecture from our Experience Day, he explains how diverse maths can be, and some of the surprising ways it can be applied in the real world. Edward focuses on his interest in animal and human behaviour, and how decision-making can be affected by different factors. He discusses Condorcet’s Jury Theorem, as well as Galton’s Wisdom of the Crowds, which includes a fun experiment using a jar of sweets.

Mathematical Sciences at the University of Essex

In this video, we learn more about the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Essex. We also hear from a student who tells us why she chose to study at Essex.