SARA -- an interface to the BNC

SARA provides an interactive interface to the BNC (which see).


On windows machines only; it is available in at least some of the University PC labs. See under Start/(All) Programs/BNC/.

Documentation and/or


see under the BNC.


see under the BNC.


Contact information, courses, tutorials etc. are as for the BNC.

SARA is a `client' program that sits on the PC in front of you, and calls a different machine (the `server') to actually do the searching. In order to use it you need a login and password (typically, this will be different from your normal University login and password). You can get these by mailing the contact below, saying that you want to access the BNC.

SARA can be downloaded and installed on any Windows machine, but to be useful, it has to be able to communicate with a server that actually carries out searches. This means it is not useful for off-campus machines.

However, a limited search capability can be obtained over the Web from the BNC on-line service

Contact: (Peter Allott, Computing Service)

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