the `propbank corpus' from the Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC)


LDC/propbank_1 in the `usual place': /ufs/corpora/ (unix), \\corpora\corpora\ (Windows) (see the Introduction).


see LDC/propbank_1/index.html in the `usual place': /ufs/corpora/ (unix), \\corpora\corpora\ (Windows) (see the Introduction).


This corpus is a semantic annotation of the Wall Street Journal section of the LDC Treebank 2: More specifically, each verb occurring in the Treebank has been treated as a semantic predicate and the surrounding text has been annotated for arguments and adjuncts of the predicate. The verbs have also been tagged with coarse grained senses and with inflectional information. This work was done in the Computer and Information Sciences Department at the University of Pennsylvania.

Contact: (Massimo Poesio, Computing Science)