This page and its fellows give information about Corpus Resources that are generally available at Essex (that is, corpus resources that anyone can use).

These pages not intended to provide a full description of anything -- rather, the idea is to give links to where proper detailed instructions can be found.

Instructions on how to get information added to these pages can be found here.

In general, corpus resources should be available under /ufs/corpora/ on unix machines, and under the `share' \\corpora\corpora\ on a Windows machine.

To mount this as a drive on a Windows machine do one of the following:

  • Open a `command' window, and do:
     net use X: \\corpora\corpora\
    this will make the corpora available to you on your `X:' drive (you can use another letter in place of X, of course); or
  • Use `Map Network Drive' under the `Tools' menu of Windows Explorer, giving \\corpora\corpora\ as the `Folder'.
  • Notice that it may not be necessary to do this to access particular corpora (e.g. the BNC has special software which makes this unnecessary).

    If you have corpora you would like to add, please contact either Doug Arnold ( or Peter Allott (, and contact about getting information about the resource on this page.