Language and Computation Day 2009

Eighth Language and Computation Day
University of Essex
Time: 10:00– Thursday Oct 8, 2009
Location: 5A.332


Here is the provisional programme:

[Coffee will be available from 9:30]

  1. 09:45 Udo Kruschwitz Welcome; "Recent activities of the LAC group".
  2. 10:00 Doug Arnold & Bill Williams (Essex and BAE Systems) "Analyzing Free Text Segments of Emergency Service Reports".
  3. 10:30 Cathal Gurrin (DCU) "Real-world interaction with Human Digital Memories". (More Information)
  4. 11:00 [Coffee]
  5. 11:15 Mahmoud EL-Haj (Essex) "Harnessing the Power of Mechanical Turk: an Online Workforce"
  6. 11:45 Stephen Dignum (Essex) "The AutoAdapt project".
  7. 12:15 [Lunch]
  8. 13:30 Sonja Eisenbeis (Essex) "Possessive Constructions in Child German: Corpus Data and Elicitation Games" (with Ingrid Sonnenstuhl).
  9. 14:00 Deirdre Lungley (Essex) "Explorations in Bootstrapping Guided Search".
  10. 14:30 Sharhida Zawani (Essex) "Web Personalization based on Usage Mining".
  11. 15:00 [Coffee]
  12. 15:15 Adindla Suma (Essex) "Dialogue -Driven Information Retrieval".
  13. 15:45 Jenya Kovalchuk "Information Retrieval and Natural Language Engineering for Intelligent Online Recruiting Servicing".
  14. 16:15 Chris Fox (Essex) "An Alternative Approach To Deontic Reasoning".

[The Programme will be followed by an evening of ribald celebration and wild excess, or perhaps refined conversation and genteel socializing, in Wivenhoe.]