Language and Computation Day 2008

Seventh Language and Computation Day
University of Essex
Time: 10:00– Friday Oct 3, 2008
Location: Computer Science Seminar Room (on floor 4B)


[Coffee will be available from 9:30]

  1. 09:45 Udo Kruschwitz: Welcome; the activities in the LAC group.
  2. 10:00 Kakia Chatsiou: "Modern Greek Non-restrictive Relative Clauses"
  3. 10:30 Doug Arnold: "Anaphora, Ellipsis and Non-restrictive Relatives"
  4. 11:00 [Coffee]
  5. 11:15 Deirdre Lungley: "Automatically Adapting the Context of an Intranet Query"
  6. 11:45 Sonja Eisenbeiss: "Morphological Contrasts in Child Language and Child Directed Speech"
  7. 12:15 [Lunch]
  8. 13:30 Jon Chamberlain: Massimo Poesio & Udo Kruschwitz "Phrase Detectives: A Web-based Collaborative Annotation Game"
  9. 14:00 Kieran White and Richard Sutcliffe "Applying Corpus Based Approaches using Syntactic Patterns and Predicate Argument Relations to Hypernym Recognition for Question Answering"
  10. 14:30 [Coffee]

[The Programme was followed by an evening of ribald celebration and wild excess/refined conversation and genteel socializing in Wivenhoe.]


Author: Doug Arnold <doug /at/>

Date: 2008/10/11 16:38:30