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Language courses

LA810-4-FY: INITIAL ARABIC - The module is intended for students with no prior knowledge of Arabic. It aims to enable the students to attain basic listening, speaking, writing and reading skills in standard Arabic; to help students to communicate effectively in standard Arabic; and to help establish an understanding of the Arabs, their culture and traditions.

Relevant Modules Offered

LG516-7-AU: VARIATION IN ARABIC 1 - The module covers two themes: (i), the external and internal histories of Arabic, which includes: the origins of Arabic within the Semitic language family, its history within the Arab Peninsula (pre-Islamic, Classical, Middle and New Arabic), and expansion to the east Mediterranean and Mesopotamia; (ii) Linguistic descriptions of the following varieties: Peninsula dialects, Levantine dialects, and Mesopotamian dialects.

HR293-5-AU:OIL DIPLOMACY AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS IN THE MIDDLE EAST DURING THE TWENTIETH CENTURY - The module explores the interaction between oil diplomacy and the Middle East, from the granting of the early concessions in the opening years of the twentieth century, through the rapid expansion of production in the region, up to the current security situation in the Persian Gulf.

Staff with relevant interests

Enam Al-Wer, Dr. (Linguistics)
Bob Borsley, Prof. (Linguistics)
Sonja Eisenbeiss, Dr. (Linguistics)
Raja Farah, Mrs. (Linguistics)
Louisa Sadler, Prof. (Linguistics)
Fiona Venn, Dr. (History)

Research Groups

Arabic Linguistics Group

Other Resources

Essex PhD Dissertations on Arabic
Projects on Arabic Sharepoint Workspace (Arabic Syntax Workshop users only)

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