Lexical Functional Grammar (FAQ)

The aim of this page is to answer some Frequently Asked Questions about the grammatical theory known as Lexical Functional Grammar (LFG):
  • What is Lexical-Functional Grammar?
  • What are the Best Introductory Books/Articles on LFG?
  • What are the Standard Collections of Papers about LFG?
  • Is there a Bibliography of work in LFG?
  • Are there any Archives of Papers about LFG on the Web?
  • Are there any publically available LFG Systems?
  • Are there any on-line Demos of LFG systems?
  • Are there any current Grammar Development Efforts?
  • Are there any other Resources available?
  • Where can I access slides and and teaching material about LFG?
  • Is there an LFG mailing list?
  • How can I find out about Recent LFG News (The LFG Bulletin)?
  • Is there any information about LFG conferences available? And are the proceedings available on line?
  • What is ILFGA: The International Lexical-Functional Grammar Association ?
  • Please send updates, corrections, and suggestions to Doug Arnold, or post them on the LFG Mailing List.

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