Corpus Linguistics

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General sites

Concordancing tools

  • Conc
    a Mac concordance program.
  • MonoConc
    a Mac/Windows concordance program that allows sorts (2R,1R,2L,1L) and provides simple frequency information.
  • OCP: The Oxford Concordance Program.
  • ParaConc
    a Mac/Windows concordance program for parallel texts. A version is available for free for research purposes (under license).
  • SARA (SGML-Aware Retrieval Application)
    MS-Windows-based concordance and word-frequency package. Especially set up for BNC.
  • TACT (Text Analysis Computing Tools)
    MS-DOS programs "designed to do text-retrieval and analysis on literary works".
  • WordSmith Tools
    Easy-to-use MS-Windows programs for generating word frequency listings and concordances.
  • MicroConcord
    produced by Oxford University Press. (Demo via ftp.)
  • XKwic
    Fast Concordance Program for X-Windows. University of Stuttgart project "Textual Corpora and Tools for their exploration".

Tagging & Parsing (available software or on-line tagging)

  • Amalgam Tagger (Univ. of Leeds)
    Enter text via e-mail and have it tagged. Choice of eight tagging schemes.
  • The AMAZON parser AutoMAtische ZinsONtleding (automatic analysis of sentences). Dutch only.
  • Apple Pie Parser
    "bottom-up probabilistic chart parser which finds the parse tree with the best score by best-first search algorithm." (Available by ftp)
  • Brill:Trainable Part of Speech Tagger
    Rule-based part of speech tagger (available by ftp).
  • Conexor linguistic software developed in Finland.
    "based on linguistic generalisations and rules rather than linguistically naive corpus probabilities"
  • Dependency Parser of English.
    Parse English text on-line (WWW demo).
  • EngCG Parser
    Constraint Grammar Parser of English. (Use online)
  • EngCG tagger
    Constraint Grammar tagging of English.
  • EngCG-2 tagger
    Newer version of EngCG tagger (Constraint Grammar tagging of English). WWW demo
  • EngLite parser
    "a fast, light parser that assigns word class and shallow syntactic tags to words in English texts" (Conexor) WWW demo
  • Ergo Linguistic Technology Parser
    Online demo.
  • FDG Functional Dependency Grammar of English
    "builds functionally labelled dependency links between words and assigns morphosyntactic tags to words"(Conexor) WWW demo
  • Georgetown University Natural Language Processing Parser Modularity Demo
  • Link Grammar Parser
    Syntactic parsing of English. Use on-line or download (MS Windows or Unix).
  • MBT Memory Based Tagging.
    Demo. Tags text in Dutch, English, or Spanish online.
  • TOSCA/LOB tagger for English.
    Available (MS-DOS) by ftp.
  • QTAG Part of speech tagger
    Java/C from Birmingham U. (Oliver Mason).
  • XRCE Part of Speech Disambiguators (Xerox Research Centre)
    Tag text online in French, Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian.


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