Sample of the LOB Corpus (untagged)

A01 1 **[001 TEXT A01**]
A01 4 |^A *0MOVE to stop \0Mr. Gaitskell from nominating any more Labour
A01 5 life Peers is to be made at a meeting of Labour {0M P}s tomorrow.
A01 6 |^\0Mr. Michael Foot has put down a resolution on the subject and
A01 7 he is to be backed by \0Mr. Will Griffiths, {0M P} for Manchester
A01 8 Exchange.
A01 9 |^Though they may gather some Left-wing support, a large majority
A01 10 of Labour {0M P}s are likely to turn down the Foot-Griffiths
A01 11 resolution.
A01 12 *<*7*'ABOLISH LORDS**'*>
A01 13 |^*0\0Mr. Foot's line will be that as Labour {0M P}s opposed the
A01 14 Government Bill which brought life peers into existence, they should
A01 15 not now put forward nominees.
A01 16 |^He believes that the House of Lords should be abolished and that
A01 17 Labour should not take any steps which would appear to *"prop up**" an
A01 18 out-dated institution.
A01 19 |^Since 1958, 13 Labour life Peers and Peeresses have been created.
A01 20 |^Most Labour sentiment would still favour the abolition of the
A01 21 House of Lords, but while it remains Labour has to have an adequate
A01 22 number of members.