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Miscellaneous Papers

The following are miscellaneous linguistic papers:

  1. C Umbach. Anaphoric restriction of alternative sets: on the role of bridging antecedents. In Proceedings of "Sinn und Bedeutung" VII, Konstanz Linguistics Working Papers, 2003. [Umbach03Anaphoric]
  2. David Dowty. The role of negative polarity and concord marking in natural language reasoning. SALT IV, 1994. [dowty-negpol]
  3. Tomek Strzalkowski and Peter Scheyen. Evaluation of TTP parser: A preliminary report. . In: Harry Bunt and Masaru Tomita (edd.), Recent advances in parsing technology. Text, speech and language technology. Volume 1. Also in Masaru Tomita (ed.), Proceedings of IWPT '93, pages 293-308. [strzalkowski]
  4. Andrew Bredenkamp, Stella Markantonatou, and Louisa Sadler. What are lexical rules? . [coling-96]
  5. by Andrew Spencer and Marina Zaretskaya. Copredication in russian - lexical resultatives. . [rus-res]
  6. by Saliha Azzam (Sheffield University) . Resolving anaphors in embedded sentences. . [azzam-96]
  7. by Gosse Bouma and Gertjan van Noord. Constraint-based categorial grammar. . [bouma]
  8. by Annius V. Groenink. Literal movement grammars. . [lmg]
  9. by M. Rayner and D. Carter. Fast parsing using pruning and grammar specialization. . [sri-pruning]
  10. by David R. Dowty. Towards a minimalist theory of syntactic structure. . January 25-27, 1989. Correct version February 24, 1992. [min-syn]
  11. by Jane Grimshaw. Ruccs TR-4: Minimal projection heads and optimality. . September 1993. Rutgers University Center for Cognitive Science. Technical Report #4. [minproj]
  12. by I. Androutsopoulos, G.D. Ritchie, and P. Thanisch. Natural language interfaces to databases - an introduction. . 1994. Also in the Journal of Natural Language Engineering, Cambridge University Press. Also available as Research Paper no. 709, Department of Artifical Intelligence, University of Edinburgh, 1994. [nlidbs]
  13. by Doug Cutting, Julian Kupiec, and Jan Pedersen and. A practical part-of-speech tagger. Penelope Sibun. [anlp92]
  14. Spanish. Adapting the core language engine to french and. by Manny Rayner, David Carter and Pierrette Bouillon. [9605015]
  15. Information Retrieval. Noun-phrase analysis in unrestricted text for. by David A. Evans and Chengxiang Zhai. [ACL-96]
  16. by Doug Cutting and Jan Pedersen. The xerox part-of-speech tagger. [tagger]
  17. by Doug Cutting, Jan Pedersen, and Per-Kristian Halvorsen. An object-oriented architecture for text retrieval. [riao91]
  18. by Ehud Reiter. NLG vs. templates. . [template]
  19. by Norbert Broeker. Dachs and LFG (or something like that). . [broeker]

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