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The following linguistic papers relate to HPSG:

  1. Gosse Bouma, Frank van Eynde, and Dan Flickinger. Constraint-based lexicons. In Frank van Eynde, Dafydd Gibbon, and Ineke Schuurman, editors, Lexicon Development for Speech and Language Processing, Dordrecht, 1998. Kluwer. to appear. [bvef98]
  2. Ann Copestake. Semantic transfer in Verbmobil. Verbmobil Report 93, IMS, Universit├Ąt Stuttgart und CSLI, Stanford, 1995. [Copestake:95]
  3. Gosse Bouma. Valence alternation without lexical rules. In Jan Landsbergen, Jan Odijk, Kees van Deemter, and Gert Veldhuijzen van Zanten, editors, Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands 1996. Papers from the Seventh CLIN Meeting, pages 25-40, IPO, Center for Research on User-System Interaction, 1996. [Bouma:96b]\~{}kersten/proceedings.html\~{}gosse/
  4. Bob Levine. Head-driven phrase structure grammar. [levine03]
  5. Jean-Pierre Koenig and Anthony Davis. Sublexical modality and the structure of lexical semantic representations. Linguistics and Philosophy, ??(??):??, to appear. [KoenigDavisSubLexMod]
  6. Anthony Davis and Jean-Pierre Koenig. Linking as constraints on word classes in a hierarchical lexicon. Language, 76(1):56-91, 2000. [DavisKoenig2000]
  7. Manfred Sailer. Combinatorial semantics and idiomatic expressions in head-driven phrase structure grammar. Dissertation, Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen, Version of June 29th, 2000, 2000. [Sailer:diss]
  8. Frank Richter and Manfred Sailer. Polish negation and lexical resource semantics. In Geert-Jan M. Kruijff, Lawrence S. Moss, and Richard T. Oehrle, editors, Proceedings of FGMOL 2001. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, volume 53. Elsevier, 2001. [RichterSailer01]
  9. Christopher Manning and Ivan A. Sag. 1999. Dissociations between argument structure and grammatical relations. In A. Kathol, J.-P. Koenig, and G. Webelhuth (eds.), Lexical and Constructional Aspects of Linguistic Explanation. Stanford: CSLI Publications. [manning-sag99]
  10. Elizabeth Owen Bratt. Argument composition and the lexicon: Lexical and periphrastic causatives in korean. 1996 (added Dec 18 2001). [bratt]
  11. Elizabet Engdahl and Enric Vallduvi. Information packing in HPSG. Edinburgh Working papers in Cog. Sci, vol 12, 1996 (added Nov 01 2001). [engdahl-vallduvi]
  12. Jean-Pierre Koenig. Two kinds of lexical relations. Chpt 2 of J.-P. Koenig. 1999. Lexical Relations. Stanford: CSLI Publications. [koenig99a]
  13. Jean-Pierre Koenig. On-line type construction. Ch3 of J.-P. Koenig. 1999. Lexical Relations. Stanford: CSLI Publications. [koenig99b]
  14. Stephen Bird and Ewan Klein. Phonological analysis in typed feature systems. Computational Linguistics, 1994. [bird-klein2]
  15. Anthony Davis and Jean-Pierre Koenig. Linking as constraints on word classes in a hierarchical lexicon. Language 76:56-91, 2000. [davis-koenig]
  16. Gosse Bouma, Robert Malouf, and Ivan A. Sag. Satisfying constraints on extraction and adjunction. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory. [bouma-malouf-sag]
  17. Ash Asudeh. Anaphora and argument structure: topics in the syntax and semantics of reflexives and reciprocals. MPhil Dissertation, University of Edinburgh, 1998. [asudeh]
  18. Ash Asudeh. Argument structure and animacy restrictions on anaphora. Berkeley Linguistics Society 25. (Presented February 15, 1999). [asudeh2]
  19. Gosse Bouma, Frank van Eynde, and Daniel Flickinger. Constraint-based lexica. In F. Van Eynde and Dafydd Gibbon, eds., Lexicon Development for Speech and Language Processing. pages 43-75. Dordrecht: Kluwer, 2000 (added Aug 29 2001). [bouma-etal]
  20. Steven Bird and Ewan Klein. Phonological analysis in typed feature systems. Computational Linguistics, 1994 (added, Aug 29 2001). [bird-klein]
  21. Andreas Kathol and Adam Przepiorkowski. Advanced topics in HPSG. (added Wed, Aug 29 2001). [kathol-przepiorkowski]
  22. Georgia Green. Elementary principles of HPSG. (Added Wed, Aug 29 2001). [green]
  23. Chris Manning and Ivan Sag. Argument structure valence and binding. Nordic Journal of Linguistics 21: 107-144. (added Aug 29 2001). [manning-sag]
  24. Carl Pollard. Lectures on the foundations of HPSG. Unpublished manuscript: Ohio State University. 1997, Pages 1-8. [pollard-foundations]
  25. Gert Webelhuth, Jean-Pierre Koenig, and Andreas Kathol. 1999. HPSG as a theory of grammar. Introduction to Lexical and Constructional Aspects of Linguistic Explanation Stanford: CSLI Publications. Pages 1-11. [webelhuth_ea]
  26. Kasper Kathol and Pollard. Linear precedence constraints and reentrancy. 1995 Tue, Mar 13 2001. [DGfS-CL95]
  27. Frank Richter and Manfred Sailer. Remarks on linearization. Tue, Mar 13 2001. [wordorder]
  28. Robert T Kasper. The semantics of recursive modification. 1997 (to appear in Journal of Linguistics) Tue, Mar 13 2001. [modification]
  29. Chris Manning. Dissociating functor argument structure from surface phrase structure: the relationship of HPSG domain order to LFG. 1995 Tue, Mar 13 2001. [manning-pap]
  30. Susanne Riehmann. Morphology and the hierarchical lexicon. 1994 Tue, Mar 13 2001. [sr-morphology]
  31. Carl Pollard and Eun Yung Yoo. Quantifiers, wh-phrases and argument selection. Tue, Mar 13 2001. [Pollard-Yoo]
  32. Steffan Mueller. Complex predicates: verbal complexes, resultative constructions and particle verbs in german. [mueller]
  33. W. Detmar Meurers. Lexical Generalizations in the Syntax of German Non-Finite Constructions. Ph.D. thesis. [detmar-phd]
  34. Prokopis Prokopidis. An HPSG account of modern greek relative clauses. MA Dissertation, University of Essex, 1998. [prokopis]
  35. Anne Copestake, Dan Flickinger, and Ivan Sag. Minimal recursion semantics: An introduction. [newmrs]
  36. Jon Bok Kim and Ivan A. Sag. French and english negation: a lexicalist alternative to head movement. (1996). [kim-sag-rev]
  37. Ivan A. Sag. English relative clause constructions. (1995). [SagRelc]
  38. Andrew Bredenkamp, Stella Markantonatou, and Louisa Sadler. Lexical rules: What are they? [bms-col96]
  39. Gertjan van Noord and Gosse Bouma. Adjuncts and the processing of lexical rules. [Noord_Bouma]
  40. Elisabet Engdahl and Enric Vallduvi. Information packaging and grammar architecture: A constraint-based approach. [arch-dist]
  41. Kathryn L. Baker. An integrated account of "modal flip" and partial verb phrase fronting in german. . Also in CLS 30-I: Papers from the Thirtieth Regional Meeting. Chicago Linguistic Society. The University of Chicago (April 14-16, 1994). [baker-cls]
  42. Chris Brew. Stochastic HPSG. [brew-stochastic-hpsg]
  43. Bob Carpenter. Distribution, collection and quantification: A type-logical account of plurality. [carp-plurals]
  44. Gerrit Rentier. Dutch object clitics, preposition stranding and across-the-board extraction. [clin92_pap]
  45. Suresh Manandhar. Encoding information packaging information in HPSG. . November 23, 1994. [dyana-suresh]
  46. Abeille, Anne, Daniele Godard, Philip Miller, and Ivan A. Sag. French bounded dependencies. . To appear in Luca Dini and Sergio Balari, eds., Romance in HPSG. Stanford: CSLI Publications. [fbd.3]
  47. Claire Grover. A control analysis of missing object constructions. 60 pages. november 23, 1994. chapter 5 of claire grover's thesis, rethinking some empty categories: Missing objects and parasitic gaps in hpsg. [grover]
  48. Thoams E. Hukari. On wh-agreement in halkomelem salish. . August 6-7, 1994. [halk]
  49. Gerrit Rentier. A lexicalist approach to dutch cross serial dependencies. [itkr50]
  50. Gerrit Rentier. Extraction in dutch with lexical rules. [itkr53]
  51. Frank Keller. Towards an account of extraposition in HPSG. [keller.extrap]
  52. Suresh Manandhar. An attributive logic of set descriptions and set operations. [man-acl94]
  53. Suresh Manandhar. Deterministic consistency checking of LP constraints. . October 21, 1994. [man-eacl95]
  54. Ann Copestake, Dan Flickinger, Robert Malouf, Susanne Riehemann, and Ivan A. Sag. Translation using minimal recursion semantics. [trans-mrs]
  55. Walt Detmar Meurers and Guido Minnen. A computational treatment of HPSG lexical rules as covariation in lexical entries. . Also in Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Natural Language Understanding and Logic Programming, Lisbon, Portugal. 1995. [meurers_lexrules]
  56. Philip H. Miller and Ivan A. Sag. French clitic movement without clitics or movement. . April 11, 1995. [miller-sag-clitics]
  57. Paola Monachesi. Towards a typology of italian clitics. . To appear in the proceedings of CLS 30. [monachesi]
  58. Harald Trost and Johannes Matiasek. Morphology with a null-interface. [morph.paper]
  59. Carl Pollard, Robert Kasper, and Robert Levine. Studies in connstituent ordering: Toward a theory of linearization in HPSG. . January 3, 1994. [pollard-kasper-levine94]
  60. Fred Popowich. Improving the efficiency of a generation algorithm for shake and bake MT using HPSG. . To appear in the Proceedings of Natural Language Understanding and Logic Programming. Lisbon, Portugal. May 1995. [popowich_nlulp]
  61. Gerrit Rentier. Dutch cross serial dependencies in HPSG. [rentier]
  62. Ivan A. Sag and Janet Dean Fodor. Extraction without traces. [sag-fodor-wccfl]
  63. Ivan A. Sag and Daniele Godard. Extraction of de-phrases from french NP. [sag-godard-nels]
  64. Anette Frank and Uwe Reyle. Principle based semantics for HPSG. [scopl-sfb]
  65. Ping Xue, Carl Pollard, and Ivan A. Sag. A new perspective on chinese ZIJI. [xue-pollard-sag-wccfl]
  66. Gertjan van Noord and Gosse Bouma. Dutch verb clustering without verb clusters. [tilburg]
  67. Gosse Bouma, Rob Malouf, and Ivan Sag. Satisfying constraints on extraction and adjunction. [ext-adj-draft]
  68. Walt Detmar Meurers. 11 pages. Using lexical principles in HPSG to generalize over valence properties. [using-lexical-principles]
  69. Daniel Paul Flickinger. Lexical rules in the hierarchical lexicon. [flickinger]

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