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Dependency Grammar Papers

The following linguistic papers relate to Dependency Grammars:

  1. by Michael A. Covington. GULP 2.0: An extension of prolog for unification-based grammar. . [ai198901(VarWO)]
  2. by Michael A. Covington. A dependency parser for variable word-order languages. . [ai199001(DepGramVarWO)]
  3. by Ulrich Koch. The enhancement of a dependency parser for latin. . [ai199303(Latin)]
  4. An Empirically Motivated Reinterpretation of Dependency Grammar. %link: ./ai199401(depgrammar).ps.gz. by Ulrich Koch.. [ai199401(DepGrammar)]
  5. Work in Progress. Discontinuous dependency parsing of free and fixed word order:. by Michael A. Covington.. [ai199402(DDP)]
  6. by Michael A. Covington. Gulp3.1: An etension of prolog for unification-based grammar. . Text only version. [ai199406(GULP3.1)]
  7. by Michael A. Covington. Source code for gulp3.1: An etension of prolog for unification-based grammar. [ai199406(GULP3.1)_code.txt]

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