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  • Introduction

    [I'm especially grateful to Christina Thiele, Guido Milanese, Ron Arstein, and Robert Felty for advice about this page].

    I thought it would be a good idea to list academic journals that accept papers in TeX/LaTeX form. Of course, this turns out not to be as simple a question as it first appears.

    First, there is the TeX/LaTeX issue -- conceivably some journals might accept one but not the other. This is probably not a big issue because conversion between them is a relatively small matter.

    The more difficult issue is what it means to `accept', and at what stage. Typically, when an author submits an article to a journal, the journal sends it to editors and reviewers for comment.At this stage, all anybody wants is something they can read without too much trouble, so probably any of the standard portable document formats (e.g. pdf) is the best thing. Its unreasonable to expect a journal or a reviewer to hassle with TeX/LaTeX at this stage. If the reviews are favourable, the article will be accepted for publication, normally subject to some corrections/changes. The author makes these changes and is then ready to submit `properly'. This is when things get interesting, because this is the stage at which electronic submission of a TeX/LaTeX source may be sensible and attractive to the author. A journal which says it `accepts' TeX/LaTeX submission at this stage might mean several things:

    If you think I am being snide or snooty about journals here, you may be right. But this is not because I underestimate the problems they can have dealing with arbitrary TeX/LaTeX files - especially with individual authors' style files and macros. As one editor puts it:

    " can end up with examples of TeX use that range from newbies sticking in \\ at the end of every paragraph to super-excessive experts who've re-written and re-defined just about every macro in LaTeX..."

    So, here are three lists of journals. Those which are known to be `TeX/LaTeX friendly', those which are `neutral', and those which are `unfriendly'. Inclusion in either list is based on personal recommendations/comments I receive (so it is in principle possible for a journal to be in more than one list!). Please let me know if you have comments. Comments could also be sent to the LingTeX mailing list:

    I'm not generally going to bother giving URLs or web links here -- any decent search engine will bring them up very quickly.

    TeX/LaTeX Friendly

    TeX/LaTeX Neutral

    TeX/LaTeX Un-Friendly

    I have no personal experience, but Robert Felty states that most journals published by Oxford and Blackwell seem to strongly discourage LaTeX submissions.

    Other Sites

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