Numbered Examples in LaTeX using covington.sty

Full documentation of covington.sty is available here ;

In the preamble, put:


(Under MS-DOS, covington.sty is called covingto.sty. The missing n does not matter).

Here is the sort of thing you can do:

\item This is an example in English.
\item \gll Dit is een voorbeeldje     in het Nederlands.
     	   This is a {little example} in {}  Dutch.
      \glt `This is a little example in Dutch.'

Read on to find out how. [You can also get PostScript or DVI versions of this page].

  • The example environment using covington
  • The examples environment using covington
  • Cross references, and some other points to bear in mind using covington
  • Glossing sentences word-by-word using covington

  • Doug Arnold,
    Last revision, January 6, 1999.