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  • History

    The original idea for this page came from Andrew Bredenkamp, in (I think) the summer of 1996. He created the first pages, with some help from Frederik Fouvry and me in 1996-7.

    Since Andrew and Frederik left the CL/MT group at Essex, I have continued to maintain the pages, adding stuff and occasionally redesigning. Most of the redesign has been intended to make it all easier to maintain (writing style files, Makefiles, etc.).

    The most recent redesign started in January 2005, and will eventually percolate to all the pages. One effect of the redesign is to put (working) visitor counters on pages. These count from this date. Another effect will be to put an html title on every page and subpage, to help lynx users (thanks to Emma Pease for this suggestion, about six years ago).

    At every possible opportunity, I include contributions from other people on these pages, notably:

    Christina Thiele: "Books about LaTeX"
    Luiz Arthur Pagani: "Categorial Grammar"
    Michael T Hammond and Zsuzsanna Nagy: "Optimality Theory Tableaux"

    The earliest pages were on AVMs and numbered examples, followed by the first stuff on trees and Semantics (late 1990s). Also at this time some of the pages of general stuff (slides, double spacing), which isn't specifically about Linguistics was added (this was mainly for our own use and convenience; I may sometime move it into a special section).

    More recent history:

    Journals that Accept TeX/LaTeX - added Jan 2004.


    Mostly, I want to thank the authors of the style files and packages that are described here, which make writing linguistic papers, lecture notes, etc. so much easier than they would otherwise be.

    Thanks also to the members of the LingTeX mailing list -- this is certainly the friendliest and most helpful mailing list I know (just take a look at the archive to see what I mean).

    A few people have given advice on particular topics, mostly they are thanked in the appropriate place, but it will do no harm to thank them again here (and sometimes what they are being thanked for is telling me something that caused me to remove something, so there is no appropriate place to thanks them any more). Apologies to any I have forgotten:

    Diogo Almeida, Avery Andrews, Ron Artstein, Doug Ball, Claire Bowern, James A Crippen, Jason (I've lost his other name), from the University of Ottawa, Alexis Dimitriadis, Julien Eychenne, John Frampton, Ewa Jaworska, Jerónimo Leal Andy Lücking Hendrik Maryns, Guido Milanese, Alan Munn, Julia Neu, Roelant Ossewaarde, Martin Reitbauer, David Pardue, Emma Pease, Christina Thiele, Samson Tikitu de Jager, Markus Triska, Ralf Vogel

    LaTeX for Linguists,
    Doug Arnold,
    September 25, 2007.