Alternative Linguistic Bibliographies

Here are a few of the other sources of linguistic bibliographic information that we know about:
Second Language Acquisition Bibliography
Vivian Cook maintains a bibliography of work in Second Language Acquisition
The LINGUIST List of Bibliographies is a useful source of bibliographies
The LIDO bibliographic search facility is a very large linguistic bibliographic resource located at the University of Saarbruken, Germany. It can also be accessed via email.
The DFKI-Bibliothek in Saarbruken maintains a WWW interface for literature searches.
HPSG (1)
A Bibliography of work in Head Driven Phrase Structure grammar, maintained by Andreas Kathol at Ohio State. This can be obtained via anonymous ftp from OSU, or by email to with the subject line `get hpsg HPSG.bib'.
HPSG (2)
There is also a Web Accessible bibliography of work in Head Driven Phrase Structure Grammar, maintained by Stefan Muller in Berlin in BibTeX and HTML formats. This can be searched on-line with the Bibliographic Search facility at this site, by choosing the option "HPSG" from the main menu.
Mary Dalrymple maintains a bibliography of work in Lexical Functional Grammar at CSLI. This bibliography can also be searched on-line with the Bibliographic Search facility at this site by choosing the "LFG" option from the main menu.
There is a general Anthropology bibliography (which naturally contains information about `exotic' languages) at:
Also relevant is The Anthropological Index -- searchable by WWW at: or by email at
The Computer Science bibliography, `Glimpse' server at the University of Arizona includes some material of linguistic interest (in BibTeX format).
The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
`Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies' maintained by Alf-Christian Achilles at the University of Karlsruhe, contains over 600,000 entries on various aspects of Computer Science. It can be searched on line, and returns results in various formats). It also contains useful information about bibliographical tools.
The Computation and Language E-Print Archive
While not a bibliography, the Computation and Language E-Print Archive, provides a list of papers in computational linguistics (i.e. those in the archive).
Japanese CL
A biliography of work on Japanese Computational Linguistics.
Home Pages of Various Journals
Various learned journals have their own home pages, which often contain pages of contents of recent issues of the journal. For example, Kluwer, who publish a number of Linguistics journals have a home page that allow one to browse and search these tables of contents, see (for example) the home page of the journal Computers and the Humanities, where one can search tables of contents and article information for a range of linguistic and non-linguistic journals.
Essex University Library
The Albert Sloman Library at Essex provides a range of on-line local and non-local bibliographic search facilities, such as: To use most of them, you will need to be a registered library user (i.e. be a student or staff member at Essex, normally).

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