PostScript versions of `the MT book'

Doug Arnold
University of Essex

May 25, 2018

Here you can access a PostScript and PDF versions of D.J. Arnold, Lorna Balkan, Siety Meijer, R.Lee Humphreys and Louisa Sadler Machine Translation: an Introductory Guide, Blackwells-NCC, London, 1994, ISBN: 1855542-17x.

  1. The title page, including the copyright notice (PostScript Only).
  2. The whole book: printed with two a4pages on each actual a4 sheet (PostScript Only).

You can also download individual chapters (take the `2up' version if you want two a4 pages on each actual a4 sheet; take the `PDF' version if you do not have a PostScript printer or previewer).

The book contains a number of typos and other mistakes. You can find a list of some of them [here].

  1. Title Page, Preface, Table of Contents[2up][PDF]
  2. Chapter 1: Introduction[2up][PDF]
  3. Chapter 2: Machine Translation in Practice[2up][PDF]
  4. Chapter 3: Representation and Processing[2up][PDF]
  5. Chapter 4: Machine Translation Engines[2up][PDF]
  6. Chapter 5: Dictionaries[2up][PDF]
  7. Chapter 6: Translation Problems[2up][PDF]
  8. Chapter 7: Representation and Processing revisited: Meaning[2up][PDF]
  9. Chapter 8: Input[2up][PDF]
  10. Chapter 9: Evaluating MT Systems[2up][PDF]
  11. Chapter 10: New Directions in MT [2up][PDF]
  12. Useful Addresses and Glossary[2up][PDF]
  13. Bibliography and index[2up][PDF]

A web browsable (html) version is also available.

Please note, this book remains copyright the authors. You are free to download all or part of it for personal use, including study. Feel free to quote from it as you would from a normal book or article. If you want to use it for more than this, you need permission: you can get it by writing to me: