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Further Reading

SGML is defined in ISO 8879, 1986, which is extensively discussed in the standard reference book on SGML[Goldfarb1986] . An excellent introduction to SGML  is provided in [van Herwijnen1990].

The examples of the use of controlled language that we give in the text are based on those in [Pym1990].  See [Pym1990,Newton1992b]  for discussion of the use of PACE  as part of the translation operation in Perkins. 

A noteworthy example of a controlled language  is Simplified English (SE), which is described in the AECMA/AIA Simplified English Guide   [AECMA1988]. This grew out of work done in the late 1970s, on behalf of the Association of European Airlines (AECMA) into readability of maintenance documentation within the civilian aircraft industry. As a result, an AECMA working group researched the procedural texts in maintenance manuals. It contains a limited general vocabulary of about 1500 words and a set of Writing Rules, similar to those we will describe above.

On sublanguage , [Arnold1990]  provides a short overview. [Lehrberger1982]  and [Grishman and Kittredge1986]   are collections of articles on the subject. More detailed discussions can be found in [Kittredge1982] , [Kittredge1987], [Sager1982],   [Slocum1986],  [Teller et al. 1988]   and [Hirschman1986]. 

Météo is described in [Hutchins and Somers1992, Chapter 12,],    see also [Isabelle1987].   Recent developments are described in [Chandioux1976],   [Chandioux1989a], [Chandioux1989b], and [Grimaila and Chandioux1992]. 

The example concerning the English-Japanese translation of match in software manuals is reported in [Tsujii et al. 1992]. 

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