This conference took place on Saturday and Sunday, 20th and 21st January 2001 at the University of Essex. The papers given are listed below.

Terry Eagleton, 'Francis Barker and his Work'

John Gillies, ‘Body, Map, Room -- Cartography's Tremulous Scene'

Tracey Hill, ‘The Booke of Sir Thomas More and Metropolitan Unrest'

Angelica Michelis, ‘Chinese Whispers: Feminism, Femininity and the Other Woman'

Sarah Shaw, ‘Not the Terminator’

Nina Taunton, ‘The Brazen Throat of War: Sidney, Elizabeth at Tilbury and the Soldier's Body'

Gesa Mackenthun, ‘Body Counts: Violence and Its Occlusion in Writing the Atlantic Slave Trade'

Chris Tomlins, ‘The Culture of Violence, the Discourse of English Colonialism, and the Denials of American History'

Pietra Palazzolo, ‘Historical Imagination in Banville’s Fiction'

Sebastian Mitchell, ‘The Corruption of Innocence in Reynolds and Goldsmith’

Hisup Shin, ‘Dickens and the Figuration of the Human Body’

Robert Clark, ‘Austen’s Grounds’

Gordon Brotherston, ‘From Leir to Lear: England in Britain’

Harry Sidebottom, ‘Modern Literary Theory and Classical Scholarship: the Case of Herodian'

Stephen Speed, ‘The Anatomy Lesson’

John Joughin, ‘On Critical Finitude’

Abdelkader Sabil, ‘Anthropologizing Literature: Paul Bowles as a Case Study’

Yu-wen Fu, ‘Postmodernism as a Re-reading Strategy’

Maurizio Calbi, ‘"The Desert of the Real": Bodies, Boundaries and Simulacra in The Matrix'

Jonathan White, ‘Stendhal’s Cultural Contexts’

Graham Pechey, ‘Exotic to Demotic: Folk Etymology in the Context of Empire’

Graham Huggan, ‘Postcolonial Studies and the Anxiety of Interdisciplinarity’

Richard Tutton, ‘Imaging Britain's Genetic Heritage: Identity, Culture, and Genes on TV’

Neil Lazarus, 'Subjectivity after Francis Barker'

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