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List of Published Papers

Aers, David and Gunther Kress "Historical Process, Individual and Communities in Milton's Early Prose" [1642]

Arblaster, Anthony "Edward Upward and the Novel of Politics" [1936ii]

Arblaster, Anthony "Revolution, the Levellers and C.B. MacPherson" [1642]

Arden, John "The Falklands / Malvinas War, 1982: A Perspective from the Republic of Ireland" [CTC]

Arens, William "Rethinking Anthropophagy" [CCW]

Asad, Talad and John Dixon "Translating Europe's Others"[EOi]

Balibar, Renée "An Example of Literary Work in France: George Sand’s La Mare au Diable / The Devil’s Pool of 1846" [1848]

Balibar, Renée "National Language, Education, Literature" [PT]

Barker, Francis "The Tremulous Private Body" [1642]

Barker, Francis "Which Dead? Hamlet and the Ends of History" [UH]

Barker, Francis "Some Problems in Trotsky’s Literary Criticism" [LSSL]

Barker, Simon "Images of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries As a History of the Present" [CTC]

Barnett, Anthony "Some Notes on Media Coverage of the Falklands, or 'The Soviet Union Could Teach Us a Few Lessons' [CTC]

Barrett, Michele and Jean Radford "Modernism in the 1930s: Dorothy Richardson and Virginia Woolf" [1936i]

Bartolovich, Crystal "Consumerism, or the Cultural Logic of Late Cannibalism" [CCW]

Beer, Gillian "Carlyle and Mary Barton: Problems of Utterance" [1848]

Belsey, Catherine "Making Histories Then and Now: Shakespeare from Richard II to Henry V" [UH]

Belsey, Catherine "The Politics of Meaning" [CTC]

Belsey, Catherine "The Romantic Construction of the Unconscious" [1789]

Belsey, Catherine "Tragedy, Justice and the Subject" [1642]

Benison, Jonathan "Science Fiction and Postmodernity" [PRM]

Benstock, Bernard "Mortmere and Guernica: Poets Explodig Like Bombs" [1936ii]

Benton, Ted "Where to Draw the Line?: Alfred Russel Wallace in Borneo" [STW]

Berg, Christine and Philippa Berry "Spiritual Whoredom: An Essay on Female Prophets in the Seventeenth Century" [1642]

Bernstein, Jay "Whistling in the Dark: Affirmation and Despair in Postmodernism" [PRM]

Bernstein, Jay "The ‘Time’ of 1848: Lukács on Flaubert’s Sentimental Education" [1848]

Bhabha, Homi K. "Signs Taken for Wonders: Questions of Ambivalence and Authority Under a Tree Outside Delhi, May 1857" [EOi]

Bhabha, Homi K. "Difference, Discrimination and the Discoruse of Colonialism" [PT]

Birchall, Ian "The Appropriation of Pascal" [1642]

Birchall, Ian "Zola and 1848" [1848]

Birchall, Ian H. "Imperialism and Class: The French War in Algeria" [EOii]

Birchall, Ian H. "The Fall and Rise of Labourism" [CTC]

Birchall, Ian H. "The Novel and the Party" [1936ii]

Birchall, Ian H. "In Defence of Reductionism" [CTC]

Bromley, Roger "The Boundaries of Commitment: God, over, Comrade - Malcolm Lowry's Under the Volcano as a Reading of the 1930s" [1936i]

Bromley, Roger "The Boundaries of Hegemony: Thomas Hardy and The Mayor of Casterbridge" [LSSL]

Brotherston, Gordon "A Controversial Guide to the Language of America, 1643" [1642]

Brotherston, Gordon "Artaud, Mexican Ritual and D.H. Lawrence" [1936i]

Brotherston, Gordon "On Nuclear Terms in the UK" [CTC]

Brotherston, Gordon "The Republican Calendar: A Diagnostic of the French Revolution" [1789]

Brotherston, Gordon "Towards a Grammatology of America: Levi-Strauss, Derrida, and the Native New World Text" [EOii]

Campbell, Mary Baine "Renaissance Voyage Literature and Ethnographic Pleasure: The Case of Andre Thevet" [STW] 

Carlin, Norah "Ireland and Natural Man" [EOii]

Carr, Helen "The American Indian in 1789" [1789]

Carr, Helen "Woman/Indian: 'The American' and his Others" [EOii]

Caygill, Howard "The Significance of Allegory in the Ursprung des Deutschen Trauerspiels" [1642]

Colgan, Maurice "Young Ireland: Literature and Nationalism" [1848]

Coombes, Anna "Virginia Woolf's The Waves: A Materialist Reading of an Almost Disembodied Voice" [1936i]

Coombes, Annie E. "The Recalcitrant Object: Culture Contact and the Question of Hybridity" [CDPT] 

Coombes, John "A New Dissection of Orwell's Elephant" [1936ii]

Coombes, John "The Political Aesthetics of The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte" [1848]

Copley, Stephen "The 'Natural' Economy: A Note on Some Rhetorical Strategies in Political Economy -- Adam Smith and Malthus" [1789]

Crossley, Ceri "Edgar Quinet and Messianic Nationalism in the Years Preceding 1848" [1848]

Davis, Leslie "Celine and the Debacle of Idealism" [1936i]

Dews, Peter "Writing in the Lifeworld: Deconstruction as a Paradigm of a Transition to Postmodernity" [PRM]

Dunphy, Jocelyn "Insurrection and Repression: Bligh's 1790 Narrative of the Mutiny on Board H.M. Ship 'Bounty'" [1789]

During, Simon "Rousseau’s Patrimony: Primitivism, Romance and Becoming Other" [CDPT]

Eagleton, Terry "A Note on Brecht and Realism" [1936i]

Eagleton, Terry "Psychoanalysis, the Kabbala and the Seventeenth Century" [1642]

Eagleton, Terry "Ecriture and Eighteenth Century Fiction" [LSSL]

Eagleton, Terry "Tennyson: Politics and Sexuality in ‘The Princess’ and ‘In Memoriam’" [1848]

Easthope, Anthony "Novelty and Continuity in English Romanticism: A 'Lucy' Poem" [1789]

Easthope, Anthony "Towards the Autonomous Subject in Poetry: Milton On His Blindness" [1642]

Easthope, Anthony "Traditional Metre and the Poetry of the Thirties" [1936ii]

Easthope, Anthony "The Trajectory of Screen, 1971-79" [PT]

Ellmann, Maud "Floating the Pound: The Circulation of the Subject of the Cantos" [1936i]

English Studies Group, CCCS, Birmingham "Thinking the Thirties" [1936ii]

Everest, Kelvin and Gavin Edwards "William Godwin's Caleb Williams: Truth and 'Things As They Are'" [1789]

Fairley, Ian "Lukacs and his Others" [EOii]

Felperin, Howard "'Cultural Poetics' Versus 'Cultural Materialism': The Two New Historicisms in Renaissance Studies" [UH]

Feltes, Norman "1789/1859: Revolution, Ideology and Entrepreneurship" [1789]

Feuchtwang, Stephan "A Black Public: Practicalities of Policing in British Cities" [EOii]

Findley, Sandra and Elaine Hobby "Seventeenth-Century Women's Autobiography" [1642]

Flax, Jane "Is Enlightenment Emancipatory?: A Feminist Reading of 'What is Enlightenment?' [PRM]

Fraser, Nancy "Rethinking the Public Sphere: A Contribution to the Critique of Actually Existing Democracry" [PRM]

Frow, John "Annus Mirabilis: Synchrony and Diachrony" [PT]

Gallop, Jane "The Mother Tongue" [PT]

Gertz, Nurith "Literature and Society in Crisis: The Case of Israel" [CTC]

Geyer-Ryan, Helga "Family and Politics in the Drama of 'Sturm und Drang'" [1789]

Geyer-Ryan, Helga "Prefigurative Racism in Goethe's Iphigenie auf Tauris" [EOii]

Green, Michael "Notes on Fathers and Sons from Dombey and Son" [1848]

Gunew, Sneja "Australia 1984: A Moment in the Archaeology of Multiculturalism" [EOi]

Hall, Stuart "A Critical Survey of the Theoretical and Practical Achievements of the Last Ten Years" [LTSL]

Hampton, Christopher "The Falklands War: Triumph of an Ideology" [CTC]

Harbsmeier, Michael "Early Travels to Europe: Some Remarks on the Magic of Writing" [EOi]

Harbsmeier, Michael "Spontaneous Ethnographies: Towards a Social History of Travellers' Tales" [STW]

Harper, Susan and Brendan Kenny "Browning and Arnold as Cultural Critics" [LSSL]

Hickey, Leo "From Unreliable Writer to Reliable Writing" [1936ii]

Holderness, Graham "Production, Reproduction, Performance: Marxism, History, Theatre" [UH]

Howard, Jean E. "Towards a Postmodern, Politically Committed, Historical Practice" [UH]

Hoyles, John "Beyond the Sex-Economy of Mysticism: Some Observations on the Communism of the Imagination with Reference to Winstanley and Traherne" [1642]

Hoyles, John "Georges Bataille (1897-1962): 'Jouissance' and Revolution" [1936i]

Huggan, Graham "Ghost Stories, Bone Flutes, Cannibal Countermemory" [CCW]

Hulme, Peter "Hurricanes in the Caribbees: The Constitution of the Discourse of English Colonialism" [1642]

Hulme, Peter "Introduction: The Cannibal Scene" [CCW]

Hulme, Peter "Polytropic Man: Tropes of Sexuality and Mobility in Early Colonial Discourse" [EOii]

Hulme, Peter "The Locked Heart: The Creole Family Romance of Wide Sargasso Sea" [CDPT]

Iversen, Margaret "Spectators of Postmodern Art: From Minimalism to Feminism" [PRM]

Iversen, Margaret "The New Art History" [PT]

Jackson, L.A. "The Freedom of the Critic and the History of the Text" [ PT]

Jameson, Fredric "Religion and Ideology" [1642]

Jardine, Lisa "'No offence i' th' world': Hamlet and Unlawful Marriage" [UH]

Jordan, Elaine "Down the Road, or History Rehearsed" [PRM]

Jordan, Elaine "The Management of Scott's Novels" [EOii]

Jordanova, L.J. "Guarding the Body Politic: Volney's Catechism of 1793" [1789]

Joughin, John J. "Whose Crisis? AIDS/Plague and the Subject of History" [UH]

Kavanagh, R.J. "Friedrich Holderlin and Jacobinism" [1789]

Kavanagh, R.J. "Portrait of the Artist as a Young German: Karl Gutzkow’s Political Attitudes and 1848" [1848]

Kaye, Jacqueline "Islamic Imperialism and the Question of Some Ideas of Europe" [EOi]

Kaye, Jacqueline "The Destinies of Empire" [1789]

Kilgour, Maggie "The Function of Cannibalism at the Present Time" [CCW]

Klaus, H. Gustav "Socialist Novels of 1936" [1936ii]

Kraniauskas, John "Cronos and the Political Economy of Vampirism: Notes on a Historical Constellation" [CCW]

Kurten, Udo "From Theory to Practice: Georg Forster and the French Revolution" [1789]

Lane, Michael "Law and Consciousness in Early Seventeenth Century England" [1642]

Larrissey, Edward "A Description of Blake: Ideology, Form, Influence" [1789]

Lazarus, Neil " National Consicousness and the Specificity of (Post) Colonial Intellectualism" [CDPT]

Lea, Kenneth "Traducing History: Benjamin, Language, Politics" [PRM]

Lechte, John "Fiction and Woman in La Nouvelle Heloise and the Heritage of '1789'" [1789]

Leroy, Geraldi "Drieu La Rochelle and the Popular Front" [1936ii]

Livingstone, R.S. "Ernst Bloch" [1936i]

Lloyd, David " Ethnic Cultures, Minority Discourse and the State" [CDPT]

Lovell, Terry "Jane Austen and Gentry Society" [LSSL]

Lovell, Terry "Writing Like a Woman: A Question of Politics" [POT]

Lucas, R. Valerie "Yellow Peril in the Promised Land: The Representation of the Oriental and the Question of American Identity" [EOi]

M.A. Rogers "Karl Kraus and the Language of the Thirties" [1936]

MacCabe, Colin "Theory and Film: Principles of Realism and Pleasure" [LSSL]

MacDermott, Patricia "San Camilo 36: A Retrospective View of the Spanish Civil War" [1936i]

Macherey, Pierre "Problems of Reflection" [LSSL]

Mackenthun, Gesa "'Terrified by Novel Forms of Justice': Travelling Theories of Colonialism and the Burning of Qualpoqoca" [STW]

Madureira, Luis "Lapses in Taste: ‘Cannibal-tropicalist’ Cinema and the Brazilian Aesthetic of Underdevelopment" [CCW]

Manganyi, N. Chabani "Making Strange: Race, Science and Ethnopsychiatric Discourse" [[EOi]

Mani, Lata "The Production of an Official Discourse on Sati in Early Nineteenth-Century Bengal" [EOi]

Marxist-Feminist Literature Collective "Women’s Writing: Jane Eyre, Shirley, Villette, Aurora Leigh" [1848]

Maubrey-Rose, Victoria "Towards the Definition of Negative Discourse" [1936i]

McClintock, Anne " The Angel of Progress: Pitfalls of the Term ‘Postcolonialism’" [CDPT]

McCormack, W.J. "The Genesis of the Protestant Ascendancy" [1789]

McCormack, W.J. "J. Sheridan Le Fanu’s Richard Marston (1848): The History of an Anglo-Irish Text" [1848]

Mercer, Colin "Gramsci and Grammar" [1936i]

Mercer, Colin "Baudelaire and the City: 1848 and the Inscription of Hegemony" [1848]

Middleton, Peter "The Revolutionary Poetics of William Blake -- Part I: The Critical Tradition" [1789]

Mitchell, Stanley "Aesthetics and Politics in the Age of the French Revolution" [1789]

Mitchell, Stanley "The Eighteenth Brumaire and the Construction of a Marxist Aesthetics" [1848]

Moi, Toril "Sexual / Textual Politics" [PT]

Morrison, David and Howard Tumber "The Government and Information in the Time of War: The Falklands and the Media" [CTC]

Murdock, Graham "Dilemmas of Radical Culture: Forms of Expression and Relations of Production" [1936ii]

Musselwhite, D.E. "The Trial of Warren Hastings" [1789]

Musselwhite, David "The Novel as Narcotic" [1848]

Musselwhite, David "Towards a Political Aesthetics" [LSSL]

Musselwhite, David "Wuthering Heights: The Unacceptable Text" [LSSL]

Newman, Michael "Suffering from Reminiscences" [PRM]

Nuñes, Zita "Anthropology and Race in Brazilian Modernism" [CDPT]

Oakley, John "The Boundaries if Hegemony: Pater" [LSSL]

Oakley, John "The Boundaries of Hegemony: Lytton" [1848]

Oakley, John, Roger Bromley and Sue Harper "The Boundaries of Hegemony" [PT]

Obeyesekere, Gananath "Cannibal Feasts in Nineteenth-century Fiji: Seamen’s Yarns and the Ethnographic Imagination" [CCW]

Osborne, Peter "Modernity is a Qualitative, not a Chronological, Category: Notes on the Dialectics of Differential Historical Time" [PRM]

Palmer, Jerry "Merit and Destiny: Ideology and Narrative in French Classicism" [1642]

Parry, Benita "Resistance Theory/Theorising Resistance, or Two Cheers for Nativism [CDPT] 

Peacock, John "Writing and Speech After Derrida" [EOii]

Pechey, Graham "1789 and After: Mutations of 'Romantic' Discourse" [1789]

Pechey, Graham "Bakhtin, Marxism, and Post-Structuralism" [PT]

Pechey, Graham "Post-apartheid Narratives" [CDPT]

Pettinger, Alasdair "'Talking Patriots': America, Haiti, and 'The Negro Problem'" [STW]

Philip, Jim "John Middleton Murry and Adelphi Socialism, 1932-1938" [1936ii]

Philip, Jim "Journeywork" [STW]

Phillips, Jerry "Cannibalism Qua Capitalism; The Metaphorics of Accumulation in Marx, Conrad, Shakespeare and Marlowe" [CCW]

Phillips, Jerry "Into the Melting Pot: Utopian and Dystopian Themes in Edmund White's Travels in Gay America" [STW]

Pooley, Roger "Anglicans, Puritans and Plain Style" [1642]

Porter, Dennis "Orientalism and Its Problems" [PT]

Prado Bellei, Sergio Luiz "Brazilian Anthropophagy Revisited" [CCW]

Pratt, Mary Louise "Transculturation and Autoethnography: Peru 1615/1980" [CDPT]

Punter, David "Crisis, Institutions and the Unconscious" [CTC]

Punter, David "Politics, Pedagogy, Work: Reflections on the ‘Project’ of the Last Six Years" [PT]

Rabasa, Jose "Allegories of the Atlas" [EOii]

Rackett, Tim "Racist Social Fantasy and Paranoia" [EOii]

Richon, Olivier "Representation, the Despot and the Harem: Some Questions Around an Academic Orientalist Painting by Lecomte-du-Nouy (1885)" [EOi]

Rifkin, Adrian "The Long Run of Modernity, or An Essay on Post-Dating" [PRM]

Rigby, Brian "Volney's Rationalist Apocalypse: Les Ruines ou Meditations sur les Revolutions des Empires" [1789]

Roche, Anne "The Popular Front in the South of France: Memory and Oral Transmission" [1936ii]

Rogers, Michael "Nestroy and Politics" [1848]

Rohou, Jean "The Articulation of Social, Ideological and Literary Practices in France: The Historical Moment of 1641-1643" [1642]

Rosaldo, Renato " Social Justice and the Crisis of National Communities" [CDPT]

Rose, Gillian "On the Presentation of Adorno in Aesthetics and Politics" [1936i]

Rose, Gillian "The Dispute over Modernism" [1936i]

Ross, Kristin "Watching the Detectives" [PRM]

Russo, Mary "Notes on ‘Post-Feminism’" [PT]

Rustin, Michael "Kleinian Psychoanalysis and the Theory of Culture" [PT]

Said, Edward W. "Orientalism Reconsidered" [EOi]

Scobie, Brian "Lewis Grassic Gibbon" [1936ii]

Selden Ray "Russian Formalism and Marxism: An Unconcluded Dialogue" [LSSL]

Seymour, Graham "A Reply to Michael Rustin: Kleinian Psychoanalysis and The Theory of Culture" [PT]

Short, Robert "Surrealism and the Popular Front" [1936i]

Slawek, Ewa and Tadeusz Slawek "A Trope of Desire: Geographical Implications of Voice" [EOii]

Smith, Stan "Scars and Emblems: 1936 and the Crisis of the Subject" [1936ii]

Sommer, Doris "National Romances and Populist Rhetoric in Spanish America" [EOii]

Spivak, Gayatri Chakravorty "How to Read a ‘Culturally Different’ Book" [CDPT]

Spivak, Gayatri Chakravorty "The Rani of Sirmur" [EOi]

Stone, Jennifer "Mirror Image / Collage: Reality, Representation and Revolution in Pirandello" [1936i]

Stone, Jennifer "The Horrors of Power: A Critique of Kristeva" [PT]

Stoneman, Patsy "The Brontë’s and Death: Alternatives to Revolution" [1848]

Stratton, Jon "Law and the Ideology of Order: The Problem of Knowledge in Th. Hobbes' Leviathan" [1642]

Swann, Charles "Evolution and Revolution: Politics and Form in Felix Holt and The Revolution in Tanner’s Lane" [1848]

Terdiman, Richard "Ideological Voyages: Concerning a Flaubertian Dis-orient-ation" [EOi]

Thunecke, Jorg "NS Literary Policies" [EOii]

Tonkin, Boyd "Right Approaches: Sources of the New Conservatism" [CTC]

UEA Studies Group (David Punter, David Aers, Robert Clark, Jonathan Cook, Thomas Elsasser) "Strategies for Representing Revolution" [1789]

Upward, Edward "Statement for the Literature/Sociology Conference on '1936' at Essex University, July 1978" [1936ii]

Walker, Melissa "The Verbal Arsenal of Black Women Writers in America" [CTC]

Wall, Alan "Modernism, Revaluation and Commitment" [1936i]

Wall, Alan "Little Magazines: Notes Towards a Methodology" [LSSL]

Ward Jouve, Nicole "Why I Wrote a Book on the Yorkshire Ripper" [CTC]

Warner, Marina "Fee Fie Fo Fum: The Child in the Jaws of the Story" [CCW]

Weber, Samuel "The Critics' Choice" [1789]

Weber, Samuel "Capitalising History: Notes on The Political Unconscious" [PT]

Whitehead, Neil L. "Monstrosity and Marvel: Symbolic Convergence and Mimetic Elaboration in Trans-Cultural Representation: An Anthropological Reading of Ralegh's Discoverie..." [STW]

Wilde, Lawrence "Marx’s Concept of Class in The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte" [1848]

Williams, Raymond "Forms of English Fiction in 1848" [1848]

Wolff, Janet, Steve Ryan, Jim McGuigan, Derek McKiernan "Problems of Radical Drama: The Plays and Productions of Trevor Griffiths" [LSSL]

Youngs, Tim "Buttons and Souls: Some Thoughts on Commodities and Identity in Women's Travel Writing" [STW]

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