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Our academic staff

Our academic staff

Our academic staff are internationally recognised for their expertise across literature, film, creative writing and drama. Find out more by reading their staff profiles.

We have a large community of doctoral researchers carrying out projects across literature, film, theatre studies and creative writing:

  • Mayssa Al-Abas - Hybridity and identity crisis in Arab-American and Jewish American contemporary novels
  • Zohour Alsabbagh - The evolution of African-American oral poetry
  • Joshua (Yit Ho) Ang - Margaret Atwood’s hybrid fictions
  • Eirini Apanomeritaki - The myth of metamorphosis in modernist and post-modernist literature: subjectivity and identity
  • Mona Becker - Hasag: Everyone Could See Us. A play about forced labour in Altenburg and Meuselwitz. Authenticity, authority and the theatrical moment in dramatic representations of the Holocaust
  • Sarah Casey Benyahia - Memory and time in contemporary Art House cinema
  • Leyla Bouallegue - Broadening the Borders of Motherhood
  • Natalia Ciofu - Unconscious 'Insanity' and Involuntary Self-punishment in Fyodor Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment (1866), Liviu Rebreanu`s Ciuleandra (1927), Alain Robbe-Grillet`s La Jalousie (1957) and Peter Ackroyd's Hawksmoor (1985)
  • Elisabeth Collier - The novels of Alice Walker and Toni Morrison
  • David Crane - Collection of short stories set in one English Town, with commentary on short story form
  • Mahmoud Darraj - The problematic of migrant identity formation in Arab and South-Asian writing
  • Stanislava Dikova - Bridging the gulf between the writer and the unknown reader: Virginia Woolf and the ethics of autonomy
  • Elena Dirstaru - Interviewing the interviewee: an interdisciplinary approach to the documentary interview
  • Stephanie Driver - Oulipo and beyond: computer aided constrained writing
  • Laurel Eberle - Paramen, Pistarckles, and Poppy Shows: Stories of Madness, Resistance, and Community in the Virgin Islands
  • Simon Everett - An examination of the migration of meaning and dispersal of trace in revisioning translation
  • Elaine Ewart
  • Joshua Grocott - From Panda-emic to Panda-monium: science fiction novel series with accompanying critical evaluation of creative and research processes involved
  • Adam Hailes - A Midsummer Night’s Dream: pleasure, virtue and fantasy
  • Boshra Hasan - Robert Lowell’s and Sylvia Plath’s confessional art under the stylistic microscope
  • James Jarrett - Harold Pinter and psychoanalysis
  • Judith Johnson - New Landscape, New Eyes: a playwright’s journey into learning-disability theatre
  • Oliver King - Empire day: modern warfare and the modern war poet
  • Emma Kittle-Pey - My Own Private Ida Show: fiction and commentary
  • Brittany Kuhn - Playing the myth: virtul game immersion in contemporary literature
  • Deborah Landes - Mainz massacres: martyrdom and exile in the first crusade
  • Fuad Mohamed - Visual musicality and the moving image/Sana’a: Symphony of an Old City
  • Eliza O’Toole - I Have A Red Wheelbarrow
  • Rene Onyeisi - Theatre as rehabilitation: theatre and prisons
  • Maria-Irina Popescu
  • Edwin Powell - Beyond Utility: Imagining Progressive Education in Mid-Victorian Literature
  • Barney Samson - Postwar representations of desert islands in popular culture texts
  • Melissa Shales - Steel safari: Cape to Cairo by rail (where possible)
  • Penny Simpson - Liminal fictions: what literary paradigms exist for the narrating of memory after conflict?
  • Marieke Sjerps - The Leap: moral storytelling and the knight's perspective
  • Jeremy Solnik - Yutuar
  • Lin Su - The Place and embodiment in the poetry of Hilda Doolittle, T.S. Eliot and Elizabeth Bishop
  • Kalyani Temmink - Without Autumn
  • Ian Tucker - Exile, homecoming, and the remembered journey
  • Katja Waschneck - Screening Oulipo: from potential literature to potential film
  • Thomas Waters - Carnality, affect and power in Paul Verhoeven’s Films 1971-1986
  • Carole Webster - The humdrum conundrum, poems and commentary
  • Nicky Winder - Fairytales Revisited
  • Xinwei Zhu - The enchanted image: the Alice books and transformation of the imagination through visual literacy and the mass media

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A list of our department's completed PhD theses can be found on our Albert Sloman Library catalogue, and are available for consultation in the library.

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