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Applicants for doctoral study can apply through us for one of over 375 fully-funded PhD studentships from the AHRC and CHASE (Consortium for Humanities and the Arts South-East England), which will be awarded over the next five years.

Here is a list of current PhD, MPhil and MA by dissertation students undertaking research in our School, arranged according to our research clusters in commercial law, human rights, and public law.

A list of completed law PhD theses can be found on our Albert Sloman Library catalogue, and are available for consultation upon request.

Commercial law

  • Abdullah Al Mandhari - State contracts with foreign parties; with special reference to the Sultanate of Oman
  • Mr Saood AL Mansoori - The law applicable to international electronic consumer contracts - a comparative study of the laws of the United Arab Emirates and of the European Union
  • Mohammed Sulaiman Aleid - Financing contracts to companies: cause, effects and results - a comparative study
  • Mohammed Aleisa - A critical analysis of the legal issues concerning commercial arbitration in Saudi Law in light of Islamic Sharia law and international practice
  • Ali Essa Ali Zeraee Aljasmi - Choice of law in respect of agency contract in the European Union and United Arab Emirates
  • Abulaziz Aljohar - An analytical comparative study of international arbitration practice in the Arab world: Sharia law perspective
  • Naif Alotaibi - The WTO (DSU) and developing countries: problems and possible solutions
  • Mohammed Khair Alshaleel - Demystifying mutual funds: the regulation and governance of a useful financial institution
  • Khalid Alshammari - Saudi banking control laws, lacks and development
  • Hamad Alustath
  • Mohammed Alyazidi - Social and environmental responsibilities of EU multinational corporations beyond home states: the case of Saudi Arabia
  • Ahmed Basrawi - The legal effect of termination build operate transfer contract according to Saudi law
  • Carla Brown - "Should the ‘five freedoms’ be included in animal protection legislation?" (working title)
  • Rachel Chambers - Extraterritoriality as a means of bringing about corporate accountability for human rights violations
  • Doris Charles - English legal history/company law
  • Hassan Darwish
  • Johanna Hoekstra - Application of non-state rules in international commercial contracts
  • Olga Kalinina - Legal framework and political risks of foreign investments in Russian energy sector
  • Apiradee Kongcharoen - Will ASEAN regional guidelines on competition policy 2010 help ASEAN realising AEC as a highly competitive single market in 2015?
  • Chrispas Nyombi - Corporate governance
  • Moses Richard - An analysis of the legal framework of corporate governance of public companies under the Nigerian Company Law

Human rights

  • Samantha Davey - The effect of child protection and adoption legislation on reunification: a comparison of the UK and US
  • Gabriela Echeverria - The right to reparation for victims of human rights and international humanitarian law violations
  • Conor Foley - Responsibilities and obligations of UN peacekeeping missions while protecting civilians under international law
  • Patrick Gallahue - Human rights and the cooperative elements of the 1988 Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs
  • Fracesca Gordon - To what extent can effective systems of torture prevention be established for places of public order detention for states that have not, or will not, undertake obligations to monitor set by international law: the case of China
  • Diana Guarnizo Peralta - Guarantees of non-repetition for violations of socio-economic rights
  • Sarah Hibbin - International law at the end of military occupation
  • Ekaterine Iakobishvili
  • Natia Kalandarishvili-Mueller - Military Occupation
  • Ai Kihara Hunt - Accountability of the United Nations: the case of the United Nations Police in peace operations
  • Christopher Luff - Balancing community interests and individual fundamental rights: exploring the doctrines of necessity and proportionality through the lens of Article 9 of the European Convention in domestic law
  • Helena-Urike Marambio
  • Anne Peacock - Freedom of expression and its role in creating universal access to the global information society
  • Lilianna-Elena Popa
  • Carolin Schleker - Compliance with the reparation decisions of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in cases of enforced disappearances
  • Andrea Sepulveda (nee Carotti) - The judicialisation of poverty and the right to an adequate standard of living
  • Susan Stallabrass - Participation, the right to Health and refugee repatriation (working title)
  • Felicity Szesnat
  • Niko Tatulashvili - Freedom of association and trade union rights in Europe, comparative analysis of the ECJ and ECHR case law
  • Tara Van Ho - Regulation of foreign direct investment for the protection of human rights in transitional states
  • Alexander Wilk - The equitable utilisation of the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer system and the need for a regulatory framework beyond the 2008 Draft Articles on the Law of Transboundary Aquifers
  • Georgios Zouridakis - Surviving the Greek economic crisis: a comparative study on the legal framework for shareholder rights protection appropriate to attract investment

Public law

  • Simon Cooper - Research area: Criminal Law, Public Law, Human Rights and Police Accountability
  • Ismail Sepetci - Judicial independence and the role of the Supreme Judicial Council in Turkey as a democratizing country
  • Morteza Shirzad - A socio–legal study of judicial independence in the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Gokhan Sumer
  • David Sykes - The use and development of equitable principles in public law adjudication
  • Elizabeth Tyson - An examination of the efficacy of regulatory licensing regimes as a means of guaranteeing effective animal welfare protection in the UK

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Our academic staff

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