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Essex Law School has a global reputation for research in commercial law, international human rights law and practice, and public law. These peaks of excellence provide a distinctive intellectual orientation for our work and set the agenda for innovative research in those fields.

Our outlook is global and our research addresses contemporary legal problems at the international, national and local levels, deploying a range of methods, including analytical, comparative, historical, interdisciplinary, and socio-legal.

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Commercial law

As a group of scholars, we work individually and collaboratively on projects across commercial law, as it applies in a national and transnational context. This includes trade law, EU law, competition, banking and insurance law, financial crime and regulation, company law, consumer protection, services of general interest, investment law, internet, broadcasting and digital regulation, contract and tort law.

In our work on these topics we strive to develop efficient trade mechanisms, as well as effective competition, corporate governance and financial market management. Other aspects of our work seeks to balance various commercial interests with protecting the environment and preserving human, social and economic rights, such as dignity, privacy, freedom of expression and association, access to services of general interest, consumer protection and safe food.

We are committed to improving the practice and development of commercial law locally, nationally and internationally. In our research, teaching and our work with law-makers, businesses and individuals affected by law, our philosophy is that commercial law can only be understood, improved and made to work by rigorous doctrinal analysis, learning from other countries and other academic disciplines, and providing practical legal solutions.


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Human rights

Our human rights research takes place in the environment of the Human Rights Centre, one of the oldest academic human rights centres in the world, which is based in the School of Law. Members of our research cluster have extensive expertise in human rights law at the national, regional and international level, both in research and practice. They hold positions as UN Special Rapporteurs; chairs and members of UN Committees; legal advisers to UK parliamentary Committees; and members of management and advisory boards of NGOs and charities.


Postgraduate research students




Watch members of our human rights research cluster discuss their latest research and practice on Vimeo:

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Public law

As a group of scholars, we work individually and collectively on projects across public law. Research specialisms range from constitutional law and European Union law, to management and reform of the judiciary, judicial review, administrative justice and access to justice, as well as criminal justice systems, the regulation of property relations, race equality law and the rapidly developing field of cybercrime and internet law.

Bringing together this range of interests, we take an expansive view of the most current developments in the application of public authority, both domestically and internationally. In particular, our academics’ research engages with the relationships between public power and the often competing demands of social justice and commercial enterprise.


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Transitional justice

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The Essex Transitional Justice Network explores issues faced by societies experiencing socio-political changes, such as the transition from repressive to democratic regimes, or from civil war to peace.

EU law blog

EU Strasbourg

How does European Union law affect our lives? Read Professor Steve Peer’s EU Law Analysis blog for expert insight into the latest developments in EU law and its impact on governments and citizens.

Human Rights Centre

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Our Human Rights Centre is a global leader in human rights research, practice and education. The Centre was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize in 2010 in recognition of its work.

Our academic staff

Our academic staff

Our staff work with the UN, governments, human rights organisations and corporations across the world. Find out more about their research and practice by reading their staff profiles.