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Masters courses

We offer a wide range of specialist taught courses in:

Our taught postgraduate courses offer specifically tailored LLM and MA degrees, drawing on our extensive experience of research and practice in human rights, commercial and business, trade law and EU commercial law.

If you would like to do a law degree course but have a different degree in another subject you can do our conversion LLB Law (Senior Status).

Postgraduate modules are intensive and taught in small groups by our expert academic staff. You also complete a supervised dissertation project for submission at the end of the course, allowing you to pursue your own research interests.

Part-time option

Our courses are offered on a full and part-time basis. Part-time students should note that teaching takes place on weekdays, during working hours.

LLM courses

Human rights

  • LLM International Human Rights Law

    Our LLM International Human Rights Law is the oldest established human rights law course in the UK and is world renowned for its rigour and excellent grounding in the theory and practical application of human rights law.

  • LLM International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law*

    Our LLM in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law examines how international law protects individuals in all the many varied situations of acute crisis, such as armed conflict, peacekeeping operations, states of emergencies and other situations causing internal displacement and refugees.

    * to be closed for 2018 entry subject to approval of our new LLM International Humanitarian Law.

  • LLM International Humanitarian Law**

    New for 2018 entry* our LLM International Humanitarian Law explores how the law operates in times of state based military action and civil uprising, covering topics such as civilian casualties, acute crises, refugee crises, humanitarian disasters and the legal obligations of non-state actors.

    ** Subject to approval, recruiting for 2018 entry.

  • LLM Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

    Our LLM Economic, Social and Cultural Rights focuses on how the international and domestic protection of economic, social and cultural rights impacts on areas such as health, education, housing and food security, as well as poverty and inequality, both locally and globally.

Commercial, business and trade law

  • LLM International Commercial and Business Law

    Our LLM International Commercial and Business Law is a specialist course examining the latest developments in traditional and emerging forms of legal governance in domestic, European and international commercial and consumer markets. The course examines business regulation and its application to issues such as the trade in goods, financial services, broadcasting and communications, as well as litigation and dispute resolution, in both national and transnational contexts.

  • LLM International Trade Law

    Our LLM International Trade Law is one of the most established postgraduate programmes in the UK, having successfully run for almost twenty years and making a significant impact on international law and practice in this field. The course focuses on business and commercial regulation and its application to trade transactions at the international level, such as international sales agreements, carriage of goods, marine insurance, financial regulations, and international dispute resolution.

  • LLM International Trade and Maritime Law

    Our LLM International Trade Law is one of our newest LLM courses. By taking this course you would have the opportunity to specialise in two key areas of commercial law: International Trade law and Maritime Law, building your knowledge and skills within a continuously growing niche industry. These two areas bring together many fields of law from advanced contract to the law of the sea. The international nature of this course, covering international trade and shipping, is matched by the diverse staff and students that form our truly global community.

MA courses

  • MA Theory and Practice of Human Rights

    Our interdisciplinary MA Theory and Practice of Human Rights examines the history, theoretical development and practical implementation of human rights. It is the longest running human rights MA programme in Europe, and has been described as the 'premier degree of its kind'.

  • MA Human Rights and Cultural Diversity

    Our MA Human Rights and Cultural Diversity offers an interdisciplinary approach to examining how human rights are applied and justified in a culturally complex and diverse world.

LLB Law for postgraduate students

  • LLB Law (Senior Status)

    Our LLB Law (Senior Status) is designed for those with an existing degree in another subject and provides a comprehensive legal training needed for a 'qualifying' law degree over a two year period.

Summer school

Languages for All

Our University's Languages for All scheme allows you to study a language alongside your course at no extra cost.

EU law blog

EU Strasbourg

How does European Union law affect our lives? Read Professor Steve Peer’s EU Law Analysis blog for expert insight into the latest developments in EU law and its impact on governments and citizens.

Transitional justice

clara sandoval

The Essex Transitional Justice Network explores issues faced by societies experiencing socio-political changes, such as the transition from repressive to democratic regimes, or from civil war to peace.

Human Rights Centre

chalking steps

Our Human Rights Centre is a global leader in human rights research, practice and education. The Centre was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize in 2010 in recognition of its work.

AHRC funding

PhD student in library

Apply for a PhD studentship for your doctoral study funded by the Consortium for Humanities and the Arts South-East England (CHASE) and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).