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Student Staff Liaison Committees

Our Student Staff Liaison Committees (SSLC) are forums for you to voice opinions and raise issues related to any aspect of your studies in our School.

We have separate Student Staff Liaison Committees for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Committee meetings take place once a term and are attended by student representatives and members of staff.

A number of student representatives for each year are normally elected at the beginning of the Autumn term. An elected student representative from each year are invited to attend and report to our School meetings with members of academic staff which are held twice a term.



Code of practice

Our University’s code of practice for student representation within departments provides useful information about the role of student representatives, their rights and responsibilities.

Employability advice

Our Careers Centre

Our Employability and Careers Centre helps you develop the skills for a successful career. Our friendly staff and excellent resources help you to make informed career choices and to enter your chosen field.

UROP placements

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Our Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme gives you the chance to help an academic with a research project. You'll learn new skills to enhance your CV and get paid a bursary.

Essex Interns

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Internships are an excellent way to earn money and develop a stand-out CV. Register with us for information on paid internship opportunities with local, national and even international employers.

Doctoral training


Proficio is our innovative doctoral training scheme. Our University gives you funding to spend on a variety of courses, from research skills to personal development and career management.