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Study abroad

Watch videos of students who studied abroad. They talk about the skills and confidence they have gained and the impact their time abroad had on their lives.

Study abroad is extremely worthwhile and enjoyable both socially and educationally. All Essex students have the opportunity to spend time studying abroad during their course.

As well as experiencing life in another country, your study abroad experience can help you in your future career. You can show future employers your inter-cultural understanding and independence, and that you are adventurous, open to new ideas and methods of working.

More and more students are enjoying spending a period of study in another country as part of their studies.

Life-changing experience

Essex Abroad is for the go-getters, the jet-setters, the explorers and adventurers. Get a glimpse of this life-changing experience, develop a genuine world view and prepare for life as a global citizen.

Modern languages year abroad

  • Work as a language assistant

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    If you're a native speaker of English you may be eligible* to apply for a salaried post as an English Language Assistant. You'll be under contract with the British Council.

    You work at a school and have to complete coursework for the Department.

    *Check British Council webpages for eligibility.

  • Study abroad

    You can study at one of our partner universities in Europe or Latin America. You enrol as a full-time student, completing a full year at a host university.

    Partner universities include:

    • France: Lyon 3, Montpellier and Nice
    • Germany: Berlin FUB, Trier and Konstanz
    • Italy: Bologna, Cagliari and Urbino
    • Portugal: Coimbra - Brazil: Florianopolis and Salvador
    • Spain: Murcia, Madrid, Cadiz, Santiago de Compostela, Almeria, Granada
    • Argentina: Cordoba
    • Chile: Santiago
    • Colombia: Bogotá
    • Mexico: Mérida and Monterrey
    • Uruguay: Montevideo
    • Peru: Lima

English language and linguistics abroad

If you take any English language and linguistics or English language teaching course, you may choose a four-year version which includes a year abroad. Most students taking a three-year course have the option to spend a term abroad.

Elis in Paris

Planning your study abroad

  • We offer various scholarships and funding opportunities to help you with the costs of studying abroad.
  • You start to plan your study abroad in your first year at Essex. Useful links include Essex Abroad, the Students' Union Year Abroad Society, the British Council and a list of partner universities.
  • If you study two languages to final honours level, you need to spend a 16-week period abroad in the country of your second language. There are no specific requirements about how this time is spent.