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English language and linguistics courses

English is one of the most important and widely spoken languages in the world. We look at its structure, its acquisition and how it's used in contexts like the media, marketplace, courtrooms and conversations. By studying in an English speaking country, you develop your English language skills.

Single honours

  • BA English Language and Language Development

    You study how children acquire their first language and what language disorders may occur, alongside modules in the structure of English sounds, words and sentences. You specialise in psycholinguistics and study issues such as how we produce and process words and sentences. If you're fascinated by the reasons why some people are unable to communicate properly, this course is for you.

  • BA English Language and Linguistics

    You combine modules which describe the sound, word and sentence structure of English, and sociolinguistic modules on varieties of English, with more general linguistics modules. As your course progresses, you choose modules which suit your interests, enabling you to specialise in areas such as conversation and social interaction, media and institutional talk, varieties of English, language and gender, language variation and English phonology, and lexical and grammatical changes in the history of English.

  • BA Linguistics

    You examine issues such as how children learn to talk and read, the best ways to teach and learn a foreign language, and how our age, gender, and social and regional backgrounds affect the way we speak. The course is extremely flexible and gives you the choice of linguistics modules in your second and final years. If you're interested in understanding how we communicate with each other and how different methods of communication convey something about ourselves, this course is for you.

Joint honours

  • BA English Language and Literature

    You look at linguistic and sociolinguistic aspects of the structure and use of modern English, and study a range of literary genres and approaches to literary criticism. In each of your three years at Essex, your time is split equally between studying English and studying literature. If you want to know the reasons why the English language takes its current form, and enjoy reading and studying a wide range of poetry, prose and drama texts encompassing several genres and periods, this course is for you.

  • BA English Language and Sociology

    You apply the study of the structure of modern society to sociolinguistic concerns such as accent and dialect variation, multilingualism, and language in the media. If you're interested in understanding how we communicate with each other and how society functions, while looking at the effect of language on society and the effect of society on language, this course is for you.

As well as English language and linguistics courses, we also offer courses in modern languages with English language or linguistics and courses in English language teaching.