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LaDeLi centre icon Language is fundamental to our lives. We use it for thinking, communicating, learning and nearly everything else we do.

But how do we learn language, and how does our language change throughout our lives? As the first centre in the UK to look at language throughout the lifespan, we're looking for the answer to this and other difficult questions:

  • What's different about learning a second language compared to a first?
  • How do multiple languages shape our identity?
  • How does our first language change over our lifetime? What if we stop using it regularly, or we suffer from Alzheimer's?

About us

We're a team of internationally renowned researchers covering all aspects of language development throughout the lifespan. The broad range of our research makes us uniquely interdisciplinary, merging theories and methodologies from psychology, cognitive science, sociolinguistics and education.

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We are developing important resources used by the global research community, including databases of spoken second language learner French and Spanish, and the speech of Alzheimer’s patients.