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Business and community

As a leading research-intensive department, we work in partnership with businesses and use our resources and expertise to support communities locally and internationally. We have particular expertise in:

  • translation, interpreting and subtitling
  • language education – theory, methods and materials
  • foreign/modern language teaching
  • first and second language acquisition
  • English grammar and pronunciation
  • Teaching English to Foreign Learners (TEFL)
  • forensic linguistics; criminal and civil cases, employment and other tribunals
  • multilingualism, maintenance and survival of endangered community languages
  • language testing of asylum seekers
  • computer analysis of human language

We can help you in a number of ways:

  • joint research
  • consultancy services
  • training
  • knowledge transfer partnerships
  • internships
  • access to funding
  • event management

Please visit the Research and Enterprise Office website for further details or contact us to discuss your needs with the Business Development Manager.