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Presentation being given at a conference

Photos from SociolinguistEssex XVII are available in our Facebook photo album.

SociolinguistEssex (SLX) is an annual one-day conference organised by graduate students in our Department.

Papers are presented by current and former members of our MA and PhD courses in sociolinguistics as well as programme staff.

SociolinguistEssex XXI/21 - 2017

Previous conferences

SLX has been held since 2000 with papers presented on a wide variety of topics from the field of sociolinguistics.

  • SLX XX - 2016

    The SLX XX programme (.pdf) includes the abstract for each paper presented at the conference.

    • Domains as a sign of language shift (workplace): the case of Libyan Tuareg (Salah Adam)
    • Lenition of the feminine plural suffix (a:t) in the dialect of Ha’il : a variationist sociolinguistic analysis (Deema Alammar)
    • The formation of the Broken Plural by bilingual Iraqi-English children from a sociolinguistic perspective (Alyaa Al-Timimi)
    • The relationship between the ego-centred network trajectory and the local phonological variation in a Northern Thai industrial estate (Kosin Panyaatisin)
    • Variation between [a:] and [ɔ:]: The Case of Al-Ahsa in Saudi Arabia (Moayyad Al Bohnayyah)
    • The case of the Dawaser in Dammam city in Saudi Arabia: Variation between [ʤ] and [j] (Hind Alaodini)
    • “Are you Australian?” Uncovering attitudes towards Suffolk English, the enregisterment of a peripheral British dialect, and otherness (Robert Potter)
    • Variation in the use of Jim in Bedouin Medini Arabic (Abeer Hussain)
    • T-glottalling Revisited: Variation and Change in Young RP T-glottalling Revisited: Variation and Change in Young RP (Berta Badia Barrera)
    • Politeness in Dzongkha, National Language of Bhutan  (Wangchuk Rinzin)

    SLX XVIII - 2013

    • Depharyngealization as an outcome of language contact in bilingual Palestinian speech community (Uri Horesh)
    • Variation and change in Souf (a Horani dialect in Northern Jordan) (Areej Al-Hawamdeh)
    • Linguistic Profiling in animation films in the Netherlands: language practices of Disney characters in the Dutch dubbed versions (Sophia de Koning)
    • Ritualised disbeliefs in Mexican Spanish Interactions (Ariel Vázquez Carranza)
    • Gaza Strip: preliminary sociolinguistic observations (William Cotter)
    • Language attitudes towards Birmingham and Essex (Caroline Wilcock)
    • Variationist study in Lanna Thai: the mixture of Northern Thai dialects' linguistic features with standard Thai dialect by local community radio anchors (Kosin Panyaatisin)
    • The Body in action: an overview (Dr Rebecca Clift)
  • SLX XVII - 2012

    The SLX XVII programme (.pdf) includes the abstract for each paper presented at the conference.

    • Responding to the obvious: A treatment of pues as a sequential marker in Mexican Spanish talk-in-interaction (Ariel Vazquez Carranza)
    • An investigation into approaches to language ideology and attitude investigation (Negaar Ilghami)
    • Language attitudes of the Jamaican diaspora (Kimberley Baxter)
    • 'Aw, Man!': The effects of hometown affiliation on pronunciation of short /a/ in Holland, Michigan (Elizabeth Sneller)
    • Language and Transgender: A Dutch pilot study (Esther Van Der Pol)
    • Understanding what is not said: Exploring L2 comprehension of indirect meaning (Emily Black)
    • The Ghamdi dipthongs AY/AW in the city of Makka: Between preservation and variation (Najla Al-Ghamdi)
    • Loanwords in Kurdish: A case study in the Badinani area (Rebeen Rasheed)
    • Sami language survival through education (Gustav Gullberg Jonsson)
    • Sociolinguistic stereotypes and their relevance for LVC: The case of (v/w) in urban New Delhi Indian English elites (Dr Vineeta Chand)

  • SLX XVI - 2011

    The SLX XVI programme (.pdf) includes the abstract for each paper presented at the conference.

    • Bidialectalism and Accommodation in Children of American Parents Living in Essex (Erica Schramma)
    • The Performance and Enregisterment of Dialect Features in Mersea Island English (Jennifer Amos)
    • LADO – An Overview (Deana Carey)
    • Language Rights of Ainu – The Indigenous People in a Northern Island of Japan (Yukari Yamaoka)
    • Oye in Naturally Occurring Spanish Talk (Ariel Vázquez Carranza)
    • Turn by Turn Development of Institutional Roles and Identities (Fawaz Mohammed Martini)
    • On the Delicacy of Assessing Proposals – An Interactional Analysis of Meeting Talk in a German Editorial Office (Stefanie Lang)

  • SLX XV - 2010

    The SLX XV programme (.pdf) includes the abstract for each paper presented at the conference.

    • Reverting and upgrading: turn initial - 'no' in conversation (Ariel Vázquez Carranza)
    • An analysis of everyday conversation based on the work of John Heritage (Charlotte Corbett)
    • Emotional basis of taboo and euphemism: a proposal for a cognitive sociolinguistic study (Andrea Pizarro Pedraza)
    • "We don't like labels": Issues on defining a self-constituted community of practice (Lefteris Kailoglou)
    • Is gender a factor in our interactions? (Athinaki Effrosyni)
    • Kormakiti Maronite Arabic and Cypriot Greek in contact: The use of the voiceless uvular fricative [χ] in the Kormakiti Maronites' Cypriot Greek (Dr Chryso Hadjidemetriou)
    • A sociolinguistic investigation of Gahmdi dialect in Saudi Arabia (Najla Al-Ghamdi)
    • Down the 'Rowerd' and other places: A study of breaking in Colchester English (Deana Carey)
    • Oh Boy! An analysis of the diphthong /OI/ in Mersea Island English (Jenny Amos)
    • New Frameworks in Interlanguage Pragmatics? The Case of Requests in Brazilian Portuguese (Dr Beatriz de Paiva)

  • SLX XIV - 2009

    The SLX XIV programme (.pdf) includes the abstract for each paper presented at the conference.

    • The use of the definite article in Cypriot Greek by Armenians: When 'to spíti mu' becomes 'spíti mu' (Chryso Hadjidemetriou)
    • The new African language dictionaries in South Africa: a successful implementation of language policies or the victim of a half-hearted implementation? (Juliane Klein)
    • Phono-stylistic variation in Classroom Standard Jamaican English (Véronique Lacoste)
    • Two varieties of Greek in contact: Cypriot Greek and Standard Greek (Elisavet Solomou)
    • Code switching strategies among Ajam men and women in Kuwait (Batoul Hassan)
    • Language and ethnic nationalism in Cyprus (Konstantina Fotiou)
    • The use of obscene words and phrases in the construction of different styles amongst three Communities of Practice in Athens (Lefteris Kailoglou)
    • Casting doubt on the apparent age hypothesis (Catharine Carfoot)
    • "Nottingham just go [pr)plε]" - happY Tensing and Laxing among Nottingham Adolescents (Nicholas Flynn)
    • Interaction in long-term illness consultations (Pamela Knight)
    • Topic Control in doctor-Patient Interaction: A New Analytic Approach (Katherine Bristowe)

  • SLX XIII - 2008

    The SLX XIII programme (.pdf) includes the abstract for each paper presented at the conference.

    • It's not up North but it's down South, ain’t it? A regional examination of auxiliary versus negator contraction (Jenny Amos and Heather Grainger)
    • Clitic doubling in the Balkan Linguistic Area: how a real linguistics can inform descriptive analyses (Antonis Polentas)
    • The BATH vowel in Redditch New Town – has a new dialect emerged? (Joanna Ryfa)
    • /a:/ and /r/ in Dorset English (Caroline Piercy)
    • From speech community to intersecting linguistic circles (Dave Elder-Vass)
    • From language rights to language survival: a typology of acquisition planning (Dave Sayers)
    • Language Policy and its Discontents: A Case Study of Taiwan (Gareth Price)
    • Sociolinguistic practices, media politics and Greek Cypriot TV series: reproducing language ideologies (Vasiliki Georgiou)
    • Doctors expectations of their roles and patients roles in diabetic consultations (Pam Knight)
    • Social Deixis: T/V distinction in the Mexican University Context (Ariel Vázquez Carranza)
    • Grammar in time: the non-restrictive 'which' clause as an interactional resource (Dr Rebecca Clift)

  • SLX XII - 2007

    The SLX XII programme (.pdf) includes the abstract for each paper presented at the conference.

    • And He Said, “Ha ha ha” – The Need for Precise Transcription of Laughter Particles in Conversation (Adele Beck)
    • Approaching a Framework for Medical Jargon Use (Katherine Bristowe)
    • Overlapping Talk: The Suppression of Afro-Caribbean Suspects’ Narratives (Claire Jones)
    • BEYOND THE SPEECH COMMUNITY: Global linguistic innovations, global media, and the 'linguistic virtual collective' (Dave Sayers)
    • Competing With a Divine Language: Investigating Language Ideologies in Kuwait (Batoul Hassan)
    • Analysing language use data in multilingual settings: How to make sense of the so-called linguistic cacophony (Bagamba Bukpa)
    • Are 'Sintelliners' from Merseyside? On identity and linguistic maintenance in England’s north west. (Philip Tipton)
    • Dialect Contact in Jeddah: The Interdental Variables (Aziza Alessa)
    • Learning Whole-word Pronunciations in Standard Jamaican English: Evidence from Word-final Consonant Clusters (Veronique Lacoste)

  • SLX XI - 2006

    The SLX XI programme (.pdf) includes the abstract for each paper presented at the conference.

    • Chavs and Grungers: The Creation of Distinct Youth Speech Styles in Colchester (Joanna Ryfa)
    • A New Sociolinguistic Variable? An Investigation of Allomorphic Variation in the English Article System Among East London Adolescents (Sue Fox)
    • "I wouldn’t try to trick you...": The use of 'trick' questions by police, in the UK, when interviewing suspects to make them appear self-contradictory (Claire Jones)
    • Style over Age? A Community of Practice Approach in Understanding Linguistic Differences between Two Groups in Athens (Eleftherios Kailoglou)
    • Najdi Speakers in Hijaz: The Loss of Affrication (Aziza Alessa)
    • The Management of Topic Transition and Shift in Mundane Arabic Conversation (Fadi Helani)
    • Ecology and Socio-cultural Homeostasis as Determinant of Language Shift: Evidence from the Democratic Republic of Congo (Bukpa. A. Bagamba)
    • A Melanesian Perspective on Mechanisms of Language Maintenance and Shift: Case Studies from Papua New Guinea (Lynn Landweer)
    • Beyond the Speech Community - quotative 'be like' and the 'linguistic virtual collective' (Dave Sayers)

  • SLX X - 2005

    The SLX X programme (.pdf) includes the abstract for each paper presented at the conference.

    • Unfinished utterances in French conversation: sequential context and syntax as primary resources (Fabienne Chevalier )
    • Topic proffering and stepwise transition of topics in mundane Arabic conversation (Fadi Helani)
    • Indexing stance: reported speech as an interactional evidential (Rebecca Clift)
    • Mobility-induced contact and new dialect formation in Wilmslow, Cheshire: the case of ((NG)) (Emma Watts)
    • Swearing language and gender: Male and female use of the word Malakas among Greek University students (Areti Karamitsiou)
    • Language analysis of asylum claimants: A problem in linguistic human rights (Professor Peter Patrick)
    • Language and the environment: Local economy, socio-cultural values and language behaviour (Bukpa A. Bagamba)
    • "Why do you want to mess with it? I tell you, we don't speak the language": The Slavic dialects of Greek Macedonia and the formation of Greek national identity (Eleftherios Kailoglou)
    • A sociophonological study of standard Jamaican English in school: Some field experiences in rural Jamaica (Veronique Lacoste)
    • "I am not of Persian descent": Language loss and shifting identities among minority Persian-Kuwaitis (Batoul Hassan)
    • The loose, the Nerdaat, and those who think they are adolescents: social category and the making of the Amman dialect (Dr Enam Al-Wer)

  • SLX IX - 2004

    The SLX IX programme (.pdf) includes the abstract for each paper presented at the conference.

    • The use of Grammatical Gender in Cypriot-Greek by the Armenians of Cyprus (Chryso Hadjidemetriou)
    • 'But you never finish your sentences!' - Unfinished utterances as an interactional resource (Fabienne Chevalier)
    • Declining Linguistic and Cultural Diversity (Dave Sayers)
    • A Study of Language Shift in Rural Africa: A Case of Language Shift Among the Hema of the Northeastern Democratique of Congo (Bukpa Araali Bagamba)
    • The Japanese response tokens honto and so: Aspects of their conversational use (Kana Suzuki)
    • The Narrativization of Morality in the Community of Bullfight Aficionados (Manuel Camacho)
    • Sunni Vs. Shia Dialect Contact in Manama, Bahrain: Are Shia Upper Class School Children Linguistically Shia? (Mona Al-Qooz)
    • Sociolinguistic Research in the NHS (Pamela Knight)
    • Conversational H-dropping in Darlington (John Atkinson)

  • SLX VIII - 2003

    The SLX VIII programme (.pdf) includes the abstract for each paper presented at the conference.

    • Negatively formulated interrogatives in Japanese conversation: A small conjunction between grammar and interaction (Kana Suzuki)
    • The Armenian linguistic minority community of Cyprus: The acquisition of the Cypriot-Greek definite article and grammatical gender by Armenian speakers (Chryso Hadjidemetriou)
    • Mixing, levelling, simplification and reallocation: Dialect contact in the Ban Khlong-Sathon speech community, Thailand (Praparat Khamkhong)
    • Mockery, oppression and solidarity - the socio-linguistics of humour (Dave Sayers)
    • Evaluation strategies on narratives about bullfighting (Manuel Camacho)
    • Dialectal convergence in Manama, Bahrain: Shia towards Sunni dialect? (Mona Y. Al-Qooz)
    • Ethnicity, identity and language: The case of the Vlachs/Aromanians of Metsovo (Andromahi Koufogiorgou)
    • Variation and contact in Ipswich: An acoustic profile of word medial (t) (Michelle Straw)
    • Sociolinguistic analysis of (h) in the dialect of Damascus City (Hanadi Ismail)

  • SLX VII - 2002

    The SLX VII programme (.pdf) includes the abstract for each paper presented at the conference.

    • Gender Variation in Negotiating Social Relationship (Abolaji Samuel Mustapha)
    • Indicators of Ethnolinguistic Vitality (M. Lynn Landweer)
    • (T)-glottalisation among British Anglo and Afro-Caribbean speakers (Michelle Straw and Peter Patrick)
    • The Changing Face of London's 'East End' (Susan Fox)
    • The Missing Retroflex Initials in Taiwanese Mandarin: a Merger? (Yun-Hsuan Kuo)
    • The Sequential Organisation of Telephone Openings in Japanese (Kana Suzuki)
    • When a dying language becomes a lingua franca (Andromahi Koufogiorgou)
    • English Language competence among Runaway and Committed Slaves and Servants in 18th Century Virginia (Christina Sarigiannidou)
    • Language contact and phonological adaptation: A sociolinguistic study of language use by three Generations of English-Turkish bilinguals living in London (Yasemin Yildiz)
    • Mixing, levelling and reallocation: the study of the negators mai and bor in the BKS speech community, Thailand (Praparat Khamkhong)
    • "We Shaghoris" and "We in Dumar" A Sketch of the Social Make-up and Types of Affiliation in Two Neighbourhoods in Damascus City (Hanadi Ismail)

  • SLX VI - 2001

    The SLX VI programme (.pdf) includes the abstract for each paper presented at the conference.

    • Investigating the notion of the "collaborative floor" in all-female speech (Cherie Woolmer)
    • Self-initiated self-repairs and syntax-for-interaction: Evidence from Greek conversation - A report (Chryso Hadjidemetriou)
    • The development of Mandarin in Taiwan - Language contact or dialect contact? (Yun-Hsuan Kuo)
    • "Still speaking the two spokes bor?" rural Dialect Attrition in the East Anglian County of Suffolk (Michelle Kingston)
    • Rules are made to be broken: Some evidence for a Southern Subject Rule (Michelle Kingston, David Britain, Sue Fox and Sue Baker)
    • Quantitative Analysis and Qualitative Analysis: can and should the twain ever meet? (Sue Baker)
    • "The Diviner has 'eaten'...": Some reflections from ethnographic field experiences among the Giriama of Kenya (Jonathan Furaha Chai)
    • The Vlachs of Metsovo, Greece (Andromahi Koufogiorgiou)
    • The dilemma of identifying origins in borrowings in the case of language death research (Bashar Bouz Al-Jidy)

  • SLX V - 2000

    The SLX V programme (.pdf) includes the abstract for each paper presented at the conference.

    • 'A PIL for ever Ill': towards the provision of Patient Information leaflets (PILs) in dominant community languages (Mark Gibson)
    • 'Estuary English': Fact or Fiction (Susan Fox)
    • The speech community revisited (Peter Patrick)
    • Attrition of the Suffolk dialect - is London taking over? (Michelle Kingston)
    • Language Standardisation as Prescription: Implications for Swahili in East Africa (Jonathan Furaha Chai)
    • Education as a Speaker Variable (Enam Al-Wer)
    • A Case of language Death (Bashar Bouz Al-Jidy)