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Product catalogue


Our product catalogue contains all the items you can order from us.

We provide a service for purchasing all centrally provided IT equipment at the University.

Academic departments and professional service sections are bound to purchase through the service, except where there is explicit authorisation from IT Services to purchase directly.

Most purchases are made through SUPC arranged regional framework agreements which includes national and inter-regional agreements which comply with European Purchasing Directives.

We also provide help and advice on the purchasing of computer hardware, including peripherals and printers, and software.

Help and information

Step 1. Search product catalogue

  • Product catalogue

    Adobe PDF File

    Our product catalogue contains all the items you can order from us. If your item isn't listed in the catalogue, for example specialist software, please contact IT Purchasing to discuss your requirements.

Step 2. Submit an order form

  • Purchase requests for non-centrally funded equipment must be made by your department or section administrator.
  • Purchase requests for centrally funded equipment must be made by your department or section eVoucher holder.

About the Centrally Funded Devices (CFD) scheme

Under the Centrally Funded Devices scheme, participating departments and sections can exchange electronic vouchers (eVouchers) to obtain standard computer equipment at no direct charge.

  • eVoucher holders and allocations

    eVoucher holders

    Each department or section must nominate an eVoucher holder. This is the person who is responsible for receiving and administering eVouchers for their department or section. They will also have access to the CFD online purchasing portal.

    eVoucher allocation

    eVouchers are allocated on an annual basis, usually around July or August.

    eVoucher information is sent by email to the eVoucher holder, and include instructions on how to place an order. The number of eVouchers allocated is based on the number of full time staff (FTE) in the department or section.

    eVouchers can only be used in the year they are allocated for - they cannot be used once they expire. All eVoucher orders must be placed at least one month before their end date.

  • What you can buy

    Standard equipment

    eVouchers can be used to obtain standard Windows desktop or laptop computers from our product catalogue at no direct charge– just look for the blue eVoucher logo:

    CFD logo

    PC eVouchers can be used to purchase laptops but this would incur a top-up charge. Laptop eVouchers can be used to purchase PCs however there is no refund for the difference in price.

    Non-standard or additional equipment

    eVouchers can also be topped-up with additional funds via a cost code to obtain higher specification Windows computers, laptops and Apple Mac computers.


    If you need to order a Mac you should talk to your eVoucher holder and ask them for their authorisation. If they agree they will need to submit an eVoucher and supply a cost code for the extra cost that will be incurred.

    • Apple units supplied from our distributors stock have an estimated delivery of 7 working days;
    • Apple units requiring Apple customisation have an estimated delivery of 15 working days.


    Printers will need to be ordered from the IT Services Purchasing webpage with a cost code. They will be maintained by IT Services support for 3 years. IT Services will endeavour to diagnose and repair printers that are a shared resource for multiple users.


    Microsoft Windows and Office will be installed on your computer for free under the Microsoft Campus Agreement. Other software packages are free to download from our software catalogue. Most Adobe products and Microsoft Visio are Premium Services and will incur a cost and require a cost code.

  • Order deadlines

    The deadline for ordering IT Equipment, both CFD and premium products (non-CFD orders), is 31 May of the financial year it is to be paid in.

  • Support cover

    Support cover

    If your IT Services supplied PC is under 5 years old we will fix it for free. IT Services supplied printers under 3 years old are fixed for free. IT Services supplied laptops under 4 years old are fixed for free. Equipment that is old and beyond economic repair will be replaced (whenever possible) on a like for like basis for free.

    Support charges

    There is no charge for desktop support for IT Services supplied IT equipment. Support contracts are automatically provided under the CFD scheme for PCs less than 5 years old, laptops less than 4 years old, Macs and printers less than 3 years old.

    Life expectancy

    We ensure that the systems supplied are able to run any University business and academic support software and make use of the University's core IT systems for their 5 year life-time. After this they will be securely disposed of under the WEEE directive.

How to order

If you're the eVoucher holder for your department or section you can order equipment via our online purchasing portal:

There is no charge for desktop support for IT Services-supplied equipment. Services are automatically provided for:

  • Windows computers less than five years old
  • laptops less than four years old
  • Macs and printers less than three years old

After three or five years, support will be undertaken only if spare parts for the equipment are still obtainable at economic cost and may be on the basis of reduced commitment to service targets.

If a piece of equipment becomes uneconomical to repair and/or maintain because of unduly high increases in the prices of spare parts or if spare parts become unobtainable, IT Services reserves the right to withdraw support, even within the first three years after purchase. IT Services may sub-contract support at its own discretion.

Faulty equipment will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of IT Services. Where possible, a form of loan equipment will be provided if faulty equipment cannot be repaired quickly. Equipment sited off one of the main University campuses (where IT support is provided) must be returned to IT Services.

We can securely dispose of your unwanted computer equipment under the WEEE directive. This service is free of charge. To arrange a collection contact the IT Helpdesk.

If you're planning an office move and need to relocate staff computers, printers or telephones, you must book in advance with the following notice periods:

  • 1 to 2 people – 3 days notice
  • 2 to 5 people – 5 days notice
  • 5 or more people – 2 weeks notice

If the space you are moving to has not been refurbished then more power and data may be required. This will be managed by Estates Space Planning please contact 4323. This may delay your intended move date.

At busy times of the year during September, Christmas and Easter, there are a limited number of slots available so we recommend you book at least twice the recommended notice period. This is because we may need to contract in more staff if your preferred slot has already been booked.

When booking , please include the new location, the old location, and a preferred date and time for the move to happen.

Contact us

IT Purchasing (Colchester Campus)

University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester, Essex, CO4 3SQ