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We provide a range of technologies to extend learning into the online world to make it as accessible, innovative and interesting as possible.

Moodle, FASER and Listen Again are known as 'the big three' and support the majority of online learning activities. Watch this introduction video to learn more about the big three.

Learning technologies are supported by the learning technology team who are based at Colchester Campus.

If you need to report a problem with the learning technology in a teaching room you should contact audio and visual services.

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The big three

More technologies

  • TurningPoint (electronic voting handsets)


    EVS is an audience response system that allows participants to anonymously answer questions by using an electronic handset or smartphone. EVS can be used directly within PowerPoint or it can be used over any piece of software or website. It has replaced the legacy PRS system which was previously used.

    • A fun way to interact with your audience.
    • Engage people in a group who may otherwise be reluctant to enter into discussion.
    • Kickstart a discussion based on responses.
    • Get instant responses to multiple choice questions.


    If you are interested in using EVS please contact the learning technology team.

    Help and support

    Contact the IT Helpdesk

  • QuestionMark Perception (online exams and tests)


    QuestionMark Perception is a web-based tool for creating, publishing, and managing the results of online assessments. It can deliver many different question types including multiple choice, multiple response, fill-in-the-blank, essay questions, drag and drop, numerical, ranking, and matrix questions. Perception offers time limited secure assessments that can prevent the student from accessing other materials during their attempt, and is suitable for use in high-stakes assessments and examinations.


    If you are interested in using Perception and making assessments available online, please contact the learning technology team. Note that if you have never used Perception before it is strongly recommended that you give at least one term’s notice to allow sufficient time for the necessary work to be undertaken, including any training that is required.

    Help and support

    For problems and queries contact the IT Helpdesk.

  • Qualtrics (online surveys and feedback)


    The Qualtrics Research Suite is an easy to use online survey platform for creating and conducting surveys. Features include:

    • Create surveys quickly and easily with the Quick Survey Builder tool
    • Choose from University of Essex templates or make your own
    • Track who has and hasn't participated in your survey
    • Share and collaborate with others before distributing your survey
    • Export data directly to SPSS, CSV, PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint


    Qualtrics is now single sign-on (SSO) which means you can login to Qualtrics using your Essex ID and password without creating a separate Qualtrics account. To login:

    1. Go to Essex Qualtrics
    2. Sign in with your Essex ID and password
      • If don't have a Qualtrics account, click I don't have a Qualtrics account and then create one.
      • If you already have a Qualtrics account you must migrate it to the new login system. Click I already have a Qualtrics Account, and then migrate your account.

    Help and support

    Support is available from Qualtrics, not the IT Helpdesk. If you need help or are experiencing any problems, please contact Qualtrics directly.

  • Ephorus and Turnitin (plagiarism detection)

    Plagiarism is defined as "the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one's own".

    More and more Universities in the UK are introducing plagiarism detection software into their institutions. This is mainly due to the large increase in the use of digital technology. Students can find detection software very useful, particularly when making sure they have cited and referenced articles, journals and books correctly.


    FASER has a built in plagiarism detection service called Ephorus. By default it is set up to automatically submit the last eligible uploaded submission on each assignment for checking which you can then see a similarity score for and a report. The report is printable if required.

    If you want to find out more about how Ephorus works take a look at the FASER Help Centre.


    Turnitin’s Originality Check service allows you to upload student work and check it against a database of millions of other coursework submissions, journals and web pages. It looks for any similarities which may constitute plagiarism.

    If you are interested in using Turnitin with FASER submissions, we have a University account set up which you can use to create an account. You will need to download submissions from FASER and upload them to the Turnitin site. Contact the learning technology team to get access to the Turnitin instructions via Moodle.

    Which to use?

    Both of these systems are available for anyone to use to get a similarity report on a document and both can be used as a form of evidence to take disciplinary actions forward. If you are unsure which system to use please contact the learning technology team.

  • Talis Aspire (reading lists)


    Talis Aspire provides structured reading lists for each taught module. The lists are searchable and provide detailed information on the resources available, with relevant links to online journals, library catalogue, and online book stores.


    Staff wishing to edit the contents of a reading list should contact the Albert Sloman Library.

    Help and support

    Video guides
    Training courses

    Support is available from the Albet Sloman Library. If you need help or are experiencing any problems, please contact your subject librarian or email

Apps supported by IT Services

  • Pocket Essex

    Pocket Essex

    About Pocket Essex

    Pocket Essex is the University's official mobile app for students. It gives you instant access to Essex events, your course info, timetables, modules and marks, library loans, contact details, opinion polls and much more.

    Get the app

    Pocket Essex is free to use and is available on Android and iOS. Search your app store for Pocket Essex.

    You can also view the app in a browser.

  • Find Your Way

    Find Your Way App

    About Find Your Way

    Find Your Way is our interactive map app that will give you directions to and from a location, and show you where to find useful places such as the Campus Shop or the IT Helpdesk.

    Get the app

    Find Your Way is free to use and is available on Android and iOS. Search your app store for "Find Your Way Essex".

    You can also use the app in a web browser.

Contact the learning technology team

Learning technology team (Colchester Campus)

Support hours 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday


Telephone 01206 87 3659

Room 4SW.5.7