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Webmail lets you access your email from a web browser. Sign in with your Essex ID and password.

Email and calendar services at the University are provided via Microsoft Office 365. Here you'll find information about:

  • your email account
  • mailing lists, groups, mailshots, role mailboxes
  • spam and email security
  • calendars

If you need to send large files, we recommend that you use our free ZendTo file sharing service, not email.

Help and information

Getting started with email

  • About and features

    We provide all staff and students with a Microsoft Office 365 email account that gives you:

    • a personal email address.
    • 50 GB of space to store your emails (the largest file you can send or receive is 25 MB).
    • access to emails, mailing lists, calendars, contacts, cloud storage, software and much more.
    • anywhere, anytime access and on any device

  • Webmail

    Webmail lets you access your email with a web browser both on and off campus. You don't need to set anything up, just sign in with your Essex ID and password.

  • Set up a smartphone, tablet or computer

    Smartphone and tablet set up instructions

    Get email on the move.

    Windows, Mac and other software set up instructions

  • Changing your email address

    If you're a member of staff or postgraduate research student you can change your email address.

Using email

We provide a number of ways for you to email groups of people, large or small, and can provide role mailboxes as a single point of contact for teams who are dealing with customer enquiries.

The table below shows what type of groups, lists and mailboxes are available, and what you should use them for.

Type Best for Actions
Role mailbox
  • A team of people who want to use a common email address as a single point of contact.
  • Sharing the responsibility of monitoring and responding to customer enquiries.
  • When personal email accounts aren't appropriate for serving a specific role at the University.
Delegated group
  • Mailing lists for Essex users only whereby you control the membership
  • Controlling access to an existing resource, for example a fileshare.
  • Controlling access to a role mailbox.
HR groups HR groups have (HR) at the end of their name. Membership to these groups is mandatory because of your role. You can't request to leave or join a HR group.
Subscription list
  • Mailing lists that let people join, leave and re-join whenever they want.
  • Sending regular email to University and non-University email addresses.
Mailshot list
  • Sending email to an ad-hoc list of up to 10,000 recipients including non-University email addresses.
  • Generating unique, temporary mailing lists on the fly.

Please note that new accounts (groups, lists, role mailboxes, etc.), or changes made to existing accounts, can take up to 48 hours to fully filter down through all systems before they are ready for actual use.

Learn more about mailing lists and groups

  • Subscription list

    About subscription lists

    Membership of a subscription list is a matter of personal choice, and you can join, leave, and re-join whenever you want. Subscription lists can either be open, closed or opt-out.

    • Open lists: anyone can join.
    • Closed lists: anyone can request to join, however it is up to the list owner to approve or reject the request.
    • Opt-out lists: similar to a mandatory list, however you are allowed to leave and re-join whenever you want. You can only join an opt-out list if you're a member of the relative mandatory list.

    Examples of subscription lists

  • Mandatory lists

    About mandatory lists

    Membership of a mandatory list is a consequence of your role(s) at the University of Essex, which is managed automatically by our Human Resources systems. This means you can't:

    • leave a mandatory list
    • join other mandatory lists
    • request a new mandatory list

    Examples of mandatory lists

  • Role mailboxes

    About role mailboxes

    Role mailboxes make it easy for a groups or teams of people to monitor and send email from a common email address. They are a great way to handle customer enquiries because several people can share the responsibility of monitoring and responding to queries.

    A role mailbox is a special account whose name is limited to 8 characters. This account name is then usually the email address for the role mailbox. However, if you require an email address longer than 8 characters, you can specify this in the optional long email address field. If specified, the role mailbox will access emails sent to both the short and long email address but any email sent from the account will appear to come from the long email address (if specified).

    Role mailboxes are set up on request by IT Services, and mailbox owners can control who has access to the mailbox via an online form.

    Please note that role mailboxes do not have separate passwords and cannot be used to log in to other systems.

    Examples of role mailboxes


  • Feature comparison table

    The table below shows the various features and limitations for each type of group, list or mailbox.

    Role mailbox Delegated group Subscription list Mailshot list
    Has an email address
    Recommended as a single point of contact for team queries
    Can receive email
    Has one or more owners
    Can send email
    Can send email to arbitrary recipients
    Has its own mailbox
    Is visible in the Outlook address book
    Can be used to control access to University resources
    Can only contain University email addresses
    Can contain non-University email addresses
    Can be accessed via Outlook (or Webmail)
    Does the Outlook address book show recipients?

This information has moved, please see:

This information has moved, please see: