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Obtaining your University login and password.

To obtain your University of Essex login name and password, you must set-up an external email address and passphrase with us.

If you have used myEssex for applicants during the application process you will have already set-up an external email and passphrase and must use this.

If you haven’t set-up an external email and passphrase you can do so here now. You will need to provide the following information, which can be found in your pre-arrival information pack, on the Student Details and Fee Statement:

  • PRID (personal identifier, eg: SMITH12345)
  • Date of Birth
  • Full Name (this will be your full legal name)

If you are a student studying at one of the University’s Partner Institutions and are eligible to receive a University login, you will find your PRID on the Registration form that you have been asked to complete. If you have any questions please check with your own institution in the first instance.

Obtain your University login and password via previously registered email address and passphrase

Email address:

Register external email address and passphrase


Forgot passphrase

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