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The IT Services vision is of a University where students and staff are actively supported in their endeavours to excel in creating, managing, communicating, and exploiting information in an information technology environment that is user-centred, flexible, accessible, and resilient.

Aims and approach

IT Services provides strategic ICT leadership for the University by understanding the University’s goals of excellence in research and education and determining the best current and future ICT solutions to meet these goals.

We are customer focussed. We aim to provide services that are aligned to the needs of the whole University and that are continuously reviewed and developed to provide maximum value and benefit. Priorities for improvement are developed by listening to our customers and meeting the aims of the University’s Strategic Plan and its strategies.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive catalogue of services that inspires and supports all parts of the University to use ICT effectively in all their activities.

All IT Services staff are recognised for their contribution, are given clear direction and are provided with the resources, knowledge, and support for them to make a high level contribution to professional services delivery. We aim to be regarded as trusted and professional partners using best practice project and service management processes.



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IPR and copyright

Copyright and intellectual property right issues fall into two broad areas: compliance (respecting the rights of others when we make use of their materials and intellectual output) and exploitation/enforcement (protecting and exploiting our own intellectual output).

Also see the guidance on scanning of copyright material for use in courses (.pdf) .

Key developments and statistics achieved by IT Services over the course of the academic year.

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In order to assist those looking for information about various IT services/provision, we have put together a document which we hope will assist requestors in sourcing the information that they require. If you have any specific questions that aren't covered in this document, please email

We really appreciate feedback about our services - good and bad - because knowing what our customers think helps us improve our services. If you're happy or unhappy about anything related to our services, please tell us.

To give feedback or to make a complaint, email We'll respond within two working days.

If you're unhappy with our response or if you feel the matter is still unresolved, you can use the formal University complaints procedures: