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Your Tier 4 application outcome

What you need to do now

This information and guidance is for students who are studying or applying to study at the University of Essex and have made a Tier 4 application to the Home Office using a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) issued by us.

Please read the relevant information below. If you are not sure what your outcome is please contact our International Services team by completing the online enquiry form.

  • You have received your visa

    Congratulations, your application was successful and you now have a Tier 4 (General) student visa that allows you to study at the University of Essex. We are your Tier 4 sponsor. Your visa will either be a sticker in your passport or a Biometric Residence Permit, a small plastic card.

    By accepting our Tier 4 sponsorship (using our CAS), you will have many responsibilities both to us as your Tier 4 sponsor and to the Home Office. Please familiarise yourself with your responsibilities by reading the information on our website, you will also be given our ‘You, Your Studies and Tier 4’ (.pdf) leaflet during registration.

    If you applied overseas and you are studying for more than six months in the UK you will have been issued with a 30 day entry clearance vignette and must collect your Biometric Residence Permit within ten days of arriving in the UK. Your BRP is your visa.

    If you applied in the UK you will have been sent your Biometric residence Permit by post.

    What you should do now

    • Check your Tier 4 visa is correct. Is it for the right length of time and do you have the correct conditions? If there are any errors have them corrected immediately.
    • If you applied overseas and your Entry Clearance vignette covers the duration of your course, we may be able to get it corrected for you free of charge.
    • If you applied overseas and you have a 30 day Entry Clearance vignette that has a mistake you should contact the Entry Clearance Post immediately to have it corrected.
    • If you have a Biometric Residence Permit you must report any mistakes to the Home Office within ten working days of receiving it.
    • Make sure that you are aware of your responsibilities both to the University and the Home Office and check what you must do if there are any changes in your personal circumstances or studies.
    • You will need to supply a copy of your visa to the University. If you are a new student you will do this as part of the registration process. If you are a continuing student you must bring your new visa to your Student Services Hub.
    • During your studies if your plans change seek advice as soon as possible so that you know how your immigration status may be affected. Contact our International Services team by completing the online enquiry form.
    • Read the UKCISA guidance about protecting your Tier 4 student immigration status for information and guidance on the above and more.
    • Prepare for your travel and arrival in the UK.
    • If you need immigration advice or information contact our International Services Team by completing the online enquiry form.

  • You have received a refusal or rejection letter

    It is possible that your application could be refused because the necessary 40 points have not been awarded or under the general grounds of refusal, part 9 of the immigration rules. If you made your application in the UK it may also be rejected as invalid because, for instance, the photographs do not meet the guidance.

    What you should do now