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The Human Rights in Iran Unit focuses on the Islamic Republic of Iran’s compliance with international human rights law. Based in the School of Law, we are building upon our University’s proud tradition of supporting UN Special Rapporteurs and of human rights expertise that reaches back to 1982.

Our research studies provide an accessible account of the breadth and complexity of violations in Iran from the standpoint of international law, which may serve scholars, practitioners and anyone concerned with the underlying or systematic problems in the country. We also organize and host lectures, roundtables and workshops, which involve a diverse range of Iranian human rights and civil society experts.

Our work

  • Assist the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran, Dr Ahmed Shaheed
  • Combine international and Iranian legal expertise for deep research and analysis of human rights issues
  • Provide support and forum for discussion with experts and civil society organisations working on these issues

About us

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Find out more about us and how we draw on the support and expertise of our University’s Human Rights Centre and School of Law, their academic staff members and postgraduate human rights students.

Our research

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Our research series aims to provide an accessible and in-depth account of the breadth and complexity of human rights violations in the Islamic Republic of Iran from the standpoint of international law.

Summer school

Summer school

The Human Rights Centre runs a pioneering summer school on methods for human rights research. Discounts available for academic and not-for profit sectors as well as Essex research students, alumni and staff.