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Research clusters

Research projects

Our ground-breaking research clusters address issues from children and armed conflict, freedom of expression, and indigenous peoples to trafficking and prisoners' rights. Our clusters reflect our world-class reputation for human rights research and practice.

Over the last three decades, our Human Rights Centre has consistently produced cutting-edge academic and policy research, addressing a wide range of human rights issues.

We strategically identify enduring and emerging human rights challenges and play a leadership role in responding to these challenge through research and knowledge exchange.

We do this through close work with our alumni and extensive practitioner network to ensure that we are working on issues that are a priority and of direct relevance to beneficiaries such as victims of human rights violations, governments, NGOs and international organisations.

Leadership role

In addition to our discipline-specific expertise, we also play an intellectual and practical leadership role in defining what is meant by interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange in human rights, and in developing a distinctive interdisciplinary identity in human rights in Essex.

International recognition

The Human Rights Centre is internationally recognised for its work in relation to the law of armed conflict, civil and political rights, including the prohibition against torture and detention related issues, and economic, social and cultural rights, with a particular focus on the right to health.

Human Rights Centre Members also conduct country- and region-specific human rights work, and possess particular expertise with respect to the United Nations mechanisms, including the UN Special Procedures.

Masters courses

MA courses

We have some of the longest running Masters courses in Europe, offering a first-class education in the intellectual foundations of human rights and its application within a complex global environment.

PhD study

PhD courses

Our PhD programme draws upon the expertise of over 80 Human Rights Centre members from a multitude of different academic disciplines and areas of human rights interest.

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Hear our students' opinions of their study experience and see our staff talking about their latest research. Our videos will show you the passion and enthusiasm we offer.

HRC blog

Human Rights Centre Clinic

The Human Rights Centre blog is a platform for interdisciplinary discussion on the theory and practice of human rights. We encourage lively debate on all human rights issues from as many different perspectives as possible.