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Speaker series

Speaker series events focus on both contemporary and thematic human rights issues and provide students and staff with an opportunity to interact with individuals engaged in the protection and promotion of human rights around the world. The Human Rights Centre has hosted a diverse range of leading human rights figures such as the High Commissioner for Human Rights, governmental policy-makers, NGO representatives, and grassroots activists.


All events run on a Tuesday between 1.00pm-2.30pm in the HRC Seminar Room (5S.6.25), unless otherwise advertised.

All guests must register on eventbrite.

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Pictures of the Human Rights Speaker Series 2016-17 are available on our Facebook page.

Speaker series archive

  • 2016-17

  • 2015-16

    • 6 October - Deinstitutionalisation: the Right to Independent Living, and Article 19 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Professor Wayne Martin, Director of the Essex Autonomy Project, School of Philosophy and Art History.
    • 13 October - Human Rights and Counter-Terrorism. Tony Southern, Human Rights Advisor, UN Counter Terrorism Implementation Task Force.
    • 21 October - The Mediterranean Migrant Crisis and the EU Response. Professor Steve Peers, School of Law.
    • 27 October - The Realisation of Sustainable Energy for All. Dr Thoko Kaime, School of Law.
    • 3 November - A Liberal Constitutional Future For Myanmar? The Not So Small Problems Of Ethnicity And Collective Rights. Dr Andrew Fagan, School of Law and Human Rights Centre.
    • 10 November - China and International Human Rights Law.Professor Sun Shiyan, Head of Public International Law Department, Institute of International Law, Chinese Academy of Social Science and Visiting Fellow at Chatham House.
    • 17 November - Detention in the United Kingdom. Nick Hardwick, HM Inspector of Prisons
    • 24 November - Panel discussion on The Mandela Rules: From Essex to Cape Town. Andrea Huber, Penal Reform International (tbc),
    • 1 December - Criminalisation & the right to health of people who use Drugs Dr Rick Lines, Executive Director of Harm Reduction International; Founder and Chair of the International Centre on Human Rights and Drug Policy; Visiting Fellow Human Rights Centre, University of Essex School of Law and Human Rights Centre

    Pictures of the Human Rights Speaker Series 2015-16 are available on our Facebook page.

  • 2014-15

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  • 2013-14

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  • 2010-13


    Fambul Tok: A film about the power of forgiveness
    Dr Jon Lunn, Fambul Tok advisory board

    Human Rights and Extraterritorial Obligations: Doctrine, Practice and the Future
    Dr Nyongesa Michael Wabwile, Moi University Kenya

    A Decade since UNSC Resolution 1373: Ten Lessons on Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights
    Dr Alex Conte, International Commission of Jurists' Representative to the UN

    DH vs. Czech Republic and the Denial of the Right to Education to Romani Children
    Victoria Vasey, European Roma Rights Centre


    Mohamed Yonis, (UN Deputy Head of the AU-UN Peacekeeping Operation in Darfur)
    UN Peacekeeping: A view from the field

    Emily Smith, (Policy Officer, Fair Trials International)
    The Work of Fair Trials International

    Jan Jařab (OHCHR)
    Roma and Travellers in Europe and the Human Rights Challenges they are Facing Today

    Ayesha Kidwai, (Centre for Linguistics, Jawaharlal Nehru University)
    India's Partition and its Afterlife: Anis Kidwai and the Lingering Questions of Justice

    Jo Pettitt, (Freedom from Torture)
    Addressing the Human Rights of Survivors of Torture in the UK: the Role of Research in Rehabilitation

    Yvonne Terlingen, (Head of Office and Amnesty International Representative at the United Nations [2001-2010])
    Asking for the Moon? Human Rights Lobbying at the UN in New York

    Harriet Sherwood, (Jerusalem Based Correspondent for the Guardian Newspaper)
    Reporting on the Middle East - Issues Facing Journalists


    Megan Biesele, Research Associate, Department of Anthropology, University of Texas at Austin)
    The Ju/hoan San of Nyae Nyae, Namibia: Their Struggle for Human Rights Since Independence

    Dr Andrew Fagan (Human Rights Centre Director of Academic Studies)
    Ethical (Fairtrade) Shoppers: Moral Saints or Responsible Global Citizens

    Gemma Wolfes (Anti-Slavery UK)
    Fair-Trade Fortnight

    Dr Nasrin Mosaffa (Associate Professor of International Relations and International Human Rights from University of Tehran - Human Rights Centre Visiting Professor September 2010-September 2011)
    Protection of children in armed conflicts in Islamic countries; current development and necessary actions

    Annual Lecture: Professor Heiner Bielefeldt (United Nationals Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief)
    Human Rights under Fire? Recent Debates on Freedom of Religion of Belief

    Dan Saxon (Leverhulme Professor of International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law at the University of Cambridge)
    Conflicting Rights in International Criminal Trials

    Chris Chapman (Head of Conflict Prevention at Minority Rights Group International)
    Minority Rights, Conflict Management and Conflict Prevention

    Dame Anne Owers (Formally HM Chief Inspector of Prisons)
    Human Rights and the Inspection of Places of Detention

    Richard Howitt (MEP, Labour Member of European Parliament for East of England)
    Is Europe Acting Right on Human Rights?

  • 2000-09


    Carla Ferstman (Director of REDRESS)
    Litigating Torture Cases: The Practice and Perspective of REDRESS

    Joanna Oyediran, OSIEA Sudan Programme Officer, Open Institute Society
    Human Rights Officer in Peacekeeping Mission: Reflections on the work UNMIS and UNAMID in Dafur

    Richard Lewis, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for European Studies and Human Rights Centre Fellow
    Muslim Immigrants: Threat or Bridge

    Mr David Russell (Survivors Fund (SURF)
    Survivor's Rights, International Wrongs in Rwanda: A Practitioner's Perspective

    Professor Paul Hunt (School of Law, University of Essex)
    Reflections on Being UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health 02-08

    Ms Bethany Collier (Director of CORI)
    Establishing 'Well Founded Fear', the Use of Country of Origin Information as Objective Evidence in Refugee Status Determination

    Professor Leif Wenar (Philosophy Department, University of Sheffield)
    Clean Trade in Natural Resources


    Professor Richard Maiman (Professor of Political Science at the University of Southern Maine and Human Rights Centre Fellow)
    Human Rights Lawyering: Speaking Law to Power

    Zaza Curran (Governance Team Leader at CARE International UK)
    From Rights to Governance: CARE International UK's Experience of Working to Realise Human Rights

    Dr Purna Sen (Head of Human Rights at the Commonwealth Secretariat)
    Realising Rights in the Commonwealth: Values, Advocacy and...Harare

    Dr Roisin Ryan-Flood (Academic Fellow with the Sociology Department at the University of Essex)
    Sexuality, Citizenship and Migration: The Irish Queer Diaspora

    Lucy Popescu (Author of The Good Tourist)
    Literature, Theatre, Freedom of Expression

    Jean-Francois Durieux (Departmental Lecturer in International Human Rights and Refugee Law, University of Oxford)
    Refugee Law and Groups at Risk: Legal Representations of Persecution as a Collective or Individual Experience

    Dr Carmen Draghici (Leverhulme Visiting Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Centre of Human Rights in Conflict, University of East London)
    The Sunset of UN Counter-Terrorism Inquisition in the Recent Kadi Judgement of the European Court of Justice


    Esther Stanford and Deborah Gabriel (Chair of the Pan Afrikan Reparations Coalition in Europe, Director of human rights organisation Imani Development)
    The Case of African Reparations for Slavery, Colonialism and Neo-Colonialism and the Shaping of International Human Rights and Standards

    Professor Albert Weale (Professor in the Department of Government at the University of Essex and Chair of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, University of Oslo)
    The Right to Health: Between the Attainable and the Highest

    Dr Damien Short (Senior Lecturer, School of Business and Social Studies, Roehampton University)
    Genocide: Definitional Conundrums

    Jan Hessbruegge (Associate Human Rights Officer, UN Peacekeeping Mission in Sudan (UNMIS)
    Human rights work in a complex and integrated peacekeeping mission: A perspective from Sudan

    Mervat Rishmawi (Legal advisor for the Middle East and North Africa,International Secretariat of Amnesty International)
    The Protection of Human Rights in the Arab World

    Dr Manikkalingham (Senior Advisor to the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, Geneva and Visiting Professor of Politics, University of Amsterdam)
    What Works and What's Just: Mediating Peace and Protecting Rights?

    Christien van den Anker (Reader in Politics, University of the West of England)
    A cosmopolitan response to trafficking in human beings

    Right to Health Unit, Human Rights Centre, University of Essex
    The right to the highest attainable standard of health: challenges and opportunities

    Andrew Keefe (The Refugee Council, London)
    Denial of the Right to Health: end of process asylum seekers and health care in the UK

    Ishbel Matheson (Head of Communications, Minority Rights Group, London)
    Iraq: Minorities under attack


    Andrew Keefe (Specialist Operations Manager, Refugee Council, London)
    Refugee Council Specialist Team: addressing the psychological impact of human rights violations

    Ralph Crawshaw (HRC Fellow) and Leif Holmstrom (Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Sweden)
    A framework for examining the relationship between Human Rights and Policing, and how this is reflected in "Essential Cases on Human Rights for the Police

    Justice Nwobike (PhD Student, School of Law, Senior Lecturer, Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Nkpolu, Port Harcourt, Nigeria)
    Beyond Conditionality: Human Rights and Trade in the African Caribbean Pacific – European Union Partnership

    Fiona Watson (Survival International)
    Indigenous peoples and the fight for the Amazon

    Ishbel Matheson (Minority Rights Group, London)
    Darfur: the consequences of failure

    Carolyn Hamilton (Director, Children's Legal Centre)
    Implementing Children's Rights in Post Soviet States

    Professor Charles Garraway, CBE (HRC Fellow; Retired Colonel, Army Legal Services)
    The Responsibility of Command - A Poisoned Chalice?

    Wim Muller (Senior Researcher Human Rights Centre, University of Essex)
    Breaking news: the Bosnian Genocide Judgement of the International Court of Justice


    Lisa Gormley (Legal Adviser on International Law and Gender, Amnesty International, London)
    Legal approaches in Amnesty International's work on violence against women

    Dan Leader (Barrister, Business and Human Rights)
    Doing battle with the DTI - trying to get the British Government to hold multinationals to account for their action overseas

    Martin Morland (Former Ambassador to Burma)
    Playing the harp to the buffalo: what hope for Human Rights in Burma?

    Diane Swales (Current HRC MA student and former Regional Child Protection Advisor for Save the Children (UK) in East and Central Africa)
    Children's legislation - domestication of the UNCRC: an NGO perspective

    Iain Byrne (Commonwealth Law Officer, Interights)
    The challenges of litigating economic and social rights at domestic, regional and international level

    Richard Lewis (HRC Fellow, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for European Studies, Free University of Brussels)
    The limits to Europe

    Ian Neary (Lecturer in Japanese Politics, Nissan Institute, University of Oxford)
    Democracy and Human Rights in Post Cold War Asia

    Steven Powles (Barrister, Doughty Street Chambers)
    International Criminal Justice - Reality or Fiction?

    Richard Maiman (HRC Fellow, Professor of Political Science, University of South Maine)
    US Justice and the War on Terror


    Marianne Haslegrave (Director, Commonwealth Medical Trust (Commat)
    Improving Sexual and Reproductive Health: the pluses and minuses of a human rights approach

    Dr Basak Cali (Lecturer in Human Rights, University College London)
    Is the Sub-Commission Sinking or Thinking? 57th Session of the UN Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights

    Professor Peter Patrick (Department of Language and Linguistics, University of Essex)
    Language and Human Rights

    Erik Møse (President, United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda)
    Experiences from the Rwanda Tribunal

    Sabine Nierhoff (Grants Application Writer, Human Rights Centre)
    India's "broken people" - caste violence against the Dalit community

    Dr Andrew Fagan (Director, MA in the Theory and Practice of Human Rights, Human Rights Centre)
    The Ethics of Shopping Ethically

    Corinne Lennox (Former MA Student, Advocacy Officer Minority Rights Group International)
    Experiences from Minority Rights Group International

    Dr Rhoda E Howard-Hassman (Canada Research Chair in Global Studies and Political Science, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada)
    What the West Owes Africa

    Mel James and Tony Fisher (International Section of the Law Society, UK)
    The Law Society's Work on International Human Rights


    Mervat Rishmawi (Legal Advisor, Amnesty International)
    Iraq and International Law

    Professor Sarah Spencer (Director of Policy Research, Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, University of Oxford)
    Britain's new Commission on Equality and Human Rights - Will it deliver?

    Jon Benjamin (Head, Human Rights Policy Department, Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
    Human Rights in British Foreign Policy

    Simon Burall (Executive Director, The One World Trust)
    Power without Accountability: Taking Power back from Global Organisations

    Dame Margaret Anstee (Independent Consultant and Special Advisor to the President and Government of Bolivia, former UN Under Secretary General)
    Peacebuilding and Democracy: The Case of Angola

    Tony Fisher (Senior Partner, Fisher Jones Greenwood Solicitors and Fellow of the Human Rights Centre, University of Essex)
    A Practitioner's Perspective on using International/Regional Human Rights Machinery

    Ignacio Saiz (Acting Director of the Policy Programme, Amnesty International)
    Sexual Rights: The Last Frontier for Human Rights?

    Ralph Crawshaw (Fellow of the Human Rights Centre, University of Essex)
    Jurisprudence of International Human Rights Institutions Relevant to Police

    Dr Todd Landman (Co-Director, Human Rights Centre, University of Essex)
    Measuring Democracy, Good Governance and Human Rights

    Professor Howard Tolley (Professor of Political Science, University of Cincinnati)
    Pax Americana vs. Terrorism: U.S. Security Strategy and the Rule of Law

    Ruti Teitel
    Contemporary Human Rights Issues in situations of Political Fragmentation

    Ms Liz Griffin (Law Department, Human Rights Centre, University of Essex)
    Light or Invisible Footprints? UN Peacekeeping and Human Rights in Post Taleban Afghanistan

    Prof. Conor Gearty (Director of Centre for the Study of Human Rights, LSE University)
    Judging the Human Rights Act

    Noam Lubell (Law Department, Human Rights Centre, University of Essex)
    The Dilemmas and Difficulties of Israeli Human Rights NGOs operating in the Palestinian Occupied Territories


    Professor Kevin Boyle (School of Law, University of Essex, and Former Advisor to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights)
    A Year at the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

    Dr Michael Freeman (Department of Government, University of Essex)
    Putting Law in its Place: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Human Rights

    Professor Francoise Hampson (Department of Law, University of Essex, and Member of the UN Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights)
    The Story behind the 54th Session of the UN Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights

    Professor Lydia Morris (Department of Sociology, University of Essex)
    Stratified Rights and the Management of Migration

    Mr Christopher Avery (Director, Business and Human Rights Resource Centre)
    Business and Human Rights: Recent Developments and the Launch of a New NGO

    Professor Sarah Spencer (Director, Citizenship and Governance Programme, Institute for Public Policy Research)
    The Politics of Human Rights in the Migration Debate

    Mr Jon Benjamin (Head, Human Rights Policy Department, Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
    Human Rights and UK Foreign Policy

    Professor Costas Douzinas (Birkbeck College, University of London)
    The End(s) of Human Rights

    Ms Elizabeth Griffin (School of Law, University of Essex)
    Poacher Turned Gamekeeper: Human Rights Protection in the Field, Inside-Out

    Ms Francesca Klug (Senior Research Fellow, Human Rights Centre, LSE)
    Has the Human Rights Act Delivered?

    Dr Sigrun Skogly (School of Law, University of Lancaster)
    Beyond National Borders – States' Transboundary Human Rights Obligations

    Professor John Dugard (School of Law, University of Leiden, the Netherlands)
    Israel and Palestine: A Battleground for the Law

    Dr Basak Cali (Human Rights and Public Policy Department, University College London)
    The Role of the Human Rights Organisations in Political Transformation in Turkey

    Human Rights Centre – Panel Discussion
    Professor Susan Edwards (University of Buckingham);
    Dr Aisha Gill (University of Coventry);
    Ruth Chigwada-Bailey CBE (Birkbeck College, University of London);
    Sarah Spencer (Institute of Public Policy Research, and Visiting Professor, Human Rights Centre, University of Essex)
    The Duty to Promote Racial Equality and its Relation to Gender


    Ms Fabiana Farro (Democratisation Officer, OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    Bosnia-Herzegovina - Six Years after the War: Steps Forward to a Country in Transition, not a Country at War with Itself. Challenges to the Levels of Government in BiH

    Professor Peter Baehr (Former Director, Netherlands Institute of Human Rights - SIM)
    Controversies in the Current International Human Rights Debate

    Professor David Forsythe (Charles J. Mach Distinguished Professor of Political Science, University of Nebraska/Lincoln)
    The US and International Criminal Court

    Professor Stuart Weir (Director, Democratic Audit)
    Ideologies of Democracy Assessment

    Mr Stephen Grant Baines (University of Brasilia)
    Ethnicity and nationality among Makuxi and Wapichana Indians on the Brazil-Guyana frontier

    Professor Dinah Shelton (Professor of Law, University of Notre Dame, USA)
    The Relationship between Human Rights Law and Environmental Protection: Environmental Rights or a Right to Environment?


    Ms Leanne Weber (Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge)
    Detention at UK Ports - The Politics of Domestic Human Rights

    Dr Linda Rabban (Amnesty International, USA)
    200 Years of International Human Rights Campaigns

    Dr Sabine Michalowski (School of Law, University of Essex)
    Health Care and Human Rights

    Mr Michael Ellman
    Immigration and the Human Rights Act

    Canon Dr John Nurser (Fellow, Human Rights Centre)
    Did the Ecumenical Churches of the USA Put Human Rights into the UN Charter?

    Professor Stuart Weir (Fellow, Human Rights Centre, Director, Democratic Audit)
    Democratic Assessment and International Human Rights Instruments

    Mr Andrew Drzemczewski (Head, Monitoring Department, Directorate of Strategic Planning, Council of Europe)
    Human Rights Violations - Monitoring Mechanisms of the Council of Europe

    Professor Anthony Carty (Eversheds, Professor of International Law, University of Derby)
    Is there a Right of Secession in International Law - Contemporary Debates about the Limits of the Human Right to Self Determination of Peoples'.

    Ms Sally Morphet(Global Issues Research Group, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
    Human Rights Prospect and Retrospect

  • 1990-99


    Professor Françoise Hampson (Human Rights Centre, University of Essex)
    The 51st Session of the Sub-Commission of Human Rights - World Conference against Racism

    Professor Flavia de Piovesan (Catholic University of São Paulo, Brazil)
    Human Rights of Women in Brazil - Challenges and Perspectives

    Professor Janet Dine (School of Law, University of Essex)
    Economic, Social and Cultural Rights - The Role of Trans-Global Corporations

    Mr Francisco Forrest Martin (President, Rights International, The Center for International Human Rights Law, Coral Gables, USA)
    The Work of Rights International: Harmonising Conflicting Human Rights Law in International Non-Monist Legal Regimes

    Mr Ian Martin (Formerly Special Representative of the [UN] Secretary-General for the East Timor Popular Consultation, Fellow of the Human Rights Centre, University of Essex)
    The East Timor Popular Consultation and After

    Collaborative Open Seminar - University of Essex
    Professor Ken Plummer (Department of Sociology)
    Professor Renos Papadopoulous (Centre for Psychoanalytical Studies
    Camille Giffard (Human Rights Centre)

    Mr Stephen Baines (Anthropology Department, University of Brasilia, Brazil)
    The Waimiri-Atroari Indians, Fieldwork in Anthropology and large-scale development projects in Brazilian Amazonia

    Professor Richard Maiman (Department of Political Science, University of Southern Maine, USA)
    Cause Lawyering and Judicial Activism in the United States Supreme Court

    Mr Yuval Ginbar (PhD Student, School of Law, Human Rights Centre, University of Essex)
    Legitimising Torture: Legalised torture in Israel 1987-1999 and the struggle for its abolition.

    Professor Guy Goodwin-Gill (Social Legal Studies Centre, Wolfson College, University of Oxford)
    The International Protection of Refugees: What Future?

    Dr Steven Greer (School of Law, University of Bristol)
    Democracy and the European Convention on Human Rights


    Mr Eugenio de Aragao (Faculty of Law, University of Brasilia)
    The Protection of Human Rights through the Federal Public Ministry in Brazil: The Case of the Demarcation of the Yanomami Lands

    Mr Luke McNamara (Faculty of Law, University of Wollongong, Australia)
    The Recognition of Native Titles in Australia: Implication for the Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples

    Mr Alan Phillips (Director, Minority Rights Group, London)
    Minority Rights - Into the Next Millennium

    Dr David Robertson (St Hugh's College, Oxford)
    Potential Problems with Human Rights Act

    Dr Francis Lee (Department of Peace Studies, Bradford University)
    Key Issues in Human Rights Situation in South Korea under the New Government

    Dr Jim Campbell (Department of Social Work, Queen's University of Belfast)
    An equal right to care and treatment?: The impact of civil and political conflict on the delivery of social and health care in Northern Ireland

    Ron Nash (Head, Human Rights Policy Department, Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
    Human Rights and Foreign Policy

    Sir Franklin Berman (The Legal Advisor, Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
    The Challenges arising out of the Establishment of an International Criminal Court


    Mr Ed Garrett (Middlesex University)
    The New Protest Movements and the Dangers of Human Rights

    Mr Ron Nash (Head, Human Rights Policy Department, Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
    The Work of the Human Rights Policy Department

    Ms Joanna Oyedira (Barrister)
    Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories after the Oslo Agreement of 1993

    Mr Carlos Villán Durán (Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva)
    New Avenues for the Development of the ECOSOC 1235 Procedure of the UN Human Rights Commission

    Mr Dan Seymour (Human Rights Officer, Save the Children)
    Child Soldiers: Juvenile Crime or a Crime against Children?

    Ms Aisling Reidy (Director, Advocacy Training Project, Human Rights Centre, University of Essex)
    Challenging Gross Violations through individual petitions for the ECHR: Report on the Turkish Litigation Project

    Ms Valery Vorshchev (Deputy Chairman, State Duma Committee on Non-Governmental Organisations and Religious Affairs, Chair of Human Rights Chamber of the President's Political Consultative Council [advisory body], Moscow, Russian Federation)
    Joint Seminar with the Pan European Institute
    Open Question Time on subjects related to the fields of Religion, Children's Rights, Prison Conditions, Military Service, Judicial system and Non-Governmental Organisations

    Ms Clara Odogin (Legal Officer European Council on Refugees and Exiles, ECRE, London)
    Current Challenges in Refugee Protection in Europe and the work of the ECRE

    Mr Pierre Bosset(Legal Counsellor, Commission des Droits de la Personne et des Droits de la Jeunesse, Québec, Montreal)
    The Québec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. Lessons for the United Kingdom?


    Mr Ralph Crawshaw (Fellow, Human Rights Centre, University of Essex)
    Police and Law Enforcement

    Professor Peter Jones (Department of Politics, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne)
    Group Rights and Group Oppression

    Mr Alex Neve (Refugee Lawyer)
    The Refugee Crisis in Central Africa

    Dr Colin Samson (Department of Sociology, University of Essex)
    The Innu Struggle for Human Rights

    Graduate Seminar on Economic and Social Rights
    Housing and Homelessness National and International Issues
    Democracy, Economic and Social Rights and the UK


    Dr Kathinka Evers (Visiting Fellow, Department of Philosophy/Human Rights Centre, University of Essex)
    Justifying Tolerance

    Gordon Reid, Philip Tissot/Christophe Penot (Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
    OSCE/Landmines Presentations

    Ian Martin (Fellow, Human Rights Centre, University of Essex)
    The UN and Human Rights in Post-Genocide Rwanda

    Dr Bayo Okunade (Department of Political Science, University of Ibadan, Nigeria)
    Sanctions and Democratic Transition in Nigeria, do they help or hurt?


    Dr Halina Niec/Irena Dworkina/Professor Andrzej Pankowicz
    (Jagiellonian University, Poland)

    Presentations by members of the Human Rights Centre
    (Kevin Boyle and Michael Freeman)

    Mr Geza Tessenyi (Directorate of Legal Affairs)
    Refugees and Asylum Seekers - the work of the Council of Europe

    Mr Sonny Chinyere Onyegbula (Constitutional Rights Project, Nigeria)
    Informal talk relating to the situation in Nigeria

    Professors Aisha Rateb, Fathi Marsafawi (Cairo University)
    Professor Mohamed El Dakkak (Alexandria University)
    Presentations by members of the Human Rights Centre

    Stephane Jeannet
    UN Centre for Human Rights, Geneva

    Nigel Rodley
    The UN Special Rapporteur System, The Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt
    and Dr Adel Sherif
    International Human Rights Law

    Mr Ian Martin (Fellow, Human Rights Centre, University of Essex)
    Human Rights and the UN/OAS Mission in Haiti

    Mr Philip Astley (Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
    Informal talk on the work of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    Mr Adam Stapelton (Barrister)
    Monitoring Human Rights in Rwanda

    Mr Richard Wilson (University of Sussex)
    Joint Seminar with Department of Sociology, University of Essex
    Representing Human Rights Violations: Social Contexts and Subjectives


    Dr Gaspar Biro (Hungarian Foreign Affairs Institute)
    Developing a Human Rights Foreign Policy for an Ex-Totalitarian State

    Mr Adam Stapelton (Lawyer)
    UN Monitoring of Human Rights in the Field

    Professor Nigel Rodley (School of Law, University of Essex)
    The World Conference on Human Rights and the Vienna Declaration

    Professor Isidoro Cheresky (Department of Sociology, University of Buenos Aires)
    Human Rights and Democratic Régime

    Dr Tom Gallagher (Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford)
    Obstacles to Democratic Consolidation in Eastern Europe: The Case of Romania

    Dr Fatos Tarifa (former Professor of Sociology, University of Tirana)
    Democratisation in Albania, the Uncertainties of Transition

    Bob Watt (School of Law, University of Essex)
    The Right to Work? Taking Rights Seriously?

    Commander W J Fenrick (Office of the Judge Advocate General, Canada)
    The Commission, The War Crimes Tribunal and the Prosecution of War Crimes in the Former Yugoslavia

    Ms Jennifer Jackson (University College, Oxford)
    Minority Rights in Europe Today

    Professor Bert Lockwood (Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights, University of Cincinnati)
    The Role of Election Monitoring with Particular Reference to South Africa


    Dr Ted Benton (Department of Government, University of Essex)
    Animal Rights and the Environment

    Ms Patricia Hyndman (Fellow, Human Rights Centre, University of Essex)
    The Commonwealth: Has it a Role in the Advancement of Human Rights?

    Dr Alexander Bröstl (Safarik University, Kosice)
    Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in Czechoslovakia/Czech and Slovak Federal Republic/Slovakia

    Mr Howard Caygill (School of Economic and Social Studies, University of East Anglia)
    Recent Development in the German Constitution

    Nick Bunnin (Department of Philosophy, University of Essex) and Tony Grayling (St Anne's College, Oxford/Birkbeck College, London)
    Human Rights Strategies for China

    Professor Vojin Dimitrijevic (University of Belgrade)
    Freedom of Thought Conscience and Belief under ICCPR

    Mr Stephen Mulhall (Department of Philosophy, University of Essex)
    Liberalism, Perfectionism and Rights

    Dr Peter Baehr (Netherlands Institute of Human Rights)
    Human Rights and Foreign Policy: Do They Fit Together?

    Professor James Nickel (University of Colorado)


    Professor Jay Bernstein (Department of Philosophy, University of Essex)
    Towards a Marxist Theory of Rights

    Professor Peter Jones (Department of Politics, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne)
    Religious and Racial Toleration

    Professor Richard B Lillich (University of Virginia)
    Recent Moves towards US Ratification of the UN Human Rights Treaties

    Mr Richard Norton-Taylor (The Guardian)
    Freedom of the Press and National Security

    Dr John Keane (Polytechnic of Central London)
    Nationalism and Democracy Response: Bryan Turner (Department of Sociology, University of Essex)

    Ms Lene Johannessen (Danish Centre for Human Rights, Copenhagen)
    The Danish Centre and its Programme

    Ms Sue Edward (School of Law, University of Buckingham)
    Human Rights and Prostitution

    Professor Frank Chalk (Department of History and Institute for Genocide Studies, Concordia University, Montreal)
    International Intervention to Prevent Genocide and Human Rights Violations. The Collective Denial of Genocide

    Ms Sally Morphet (Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
    The Right to Self-Determination

    Ms Louise Pirouet (Homerton College, Cambridge)
    Rights and Refugees

    Professor Elia Zureik (Queen's University, Canada)
    Extra-Judicial Killings: The West Bank and Gaza

    Professor David Forsythe (Government Research Institute, University of Nebraska -Lincoln)
    The International Committee of the Red Cross and Monitoring Compliance with Human Rights. Paradoxes in Universal Human Rights in the 1990's

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