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Criteria for Honorary Fellowship nominations

All nominations are considered by the Honorary Degrees and Fellowships Committee during the spring term each year, for award in the following year. The Committee reports to Senate and Council during the spring term ahead of the public announcement of the names of the successful candidates.

These guidelines set out the procedures for submitting nominations for consideration by the Honorary Degrees and Fellowships Committee and the general criteria by which nominations are considered. The criteria provides guidance for the Committee and does not constitute formal policy.

1. Procedures for making nominations

All nominations are considered by the Honorary Degrees and Fellowships Committee during the spring term each year. All nominations received ahead of the deadline are considered by the Committee during the spring term. Nominations received at other times are held over until the spring term following their receipt.

The deadline for nominations is Friday 7 December 2018.

All nominations should be submitted using the online nomination form. The form may only be completed once, amendments and additions are not possible once a submission has been made.

Limited research is conducted into each nominee’s background ahead of consideration by the Committee. Please include any relevant background information about the nominee that may support the nomination.

Additional information can be provided to support each nomination, but should be restricted to the equivalent of four pages of A4 paper. The Committee reserves the right to edit any additional information submitted if it exceeds this amount.

In order to avoid unnecessary confusion and/or embarrassment, those making nominations are asked to ensure that the person concerned is not aware that their name has been put forward.

All nominations are acknowledged.

It is not possible to give detailed feedback on nominations, but those making recommendations will be informed, in confidence, of the outcome of their nominations. This feedback is given after both the Committee has met and the successful nominees have accepted the award.

No public announcement is made until after the names of the successful nominees are agreed by Senate and Council. The outcome of the Committee’s deliberations must remain confidential until the time of the official announcement.

2. Criteria for eligibility for the award of Honorary Fellowships

An honorary fellowship may be awarded to persons who have distinguished themselves in the fields of study represented in the University or who have rendered conspicuous and exceptional service to the University.

The award of an honorary fellowship should avoid the perception of political or partisan endorsement on behalf of the University.

An honorary fellowship shall not normally be awarded to:

  • a serving member of Council
  • a person currently employed by the University
  • a current student of the University.

The award of an honorary fellowship of the University does not carry any remuneration nor regular nor explicit duties as a consideration of the award. However, the University welcomes continued engagement with honorary fellows to enrich the life of the University and the experience of students.

The number of persons to whom an honorary fellowship may be awarded in any one academic year shall not normally be more than two.

An honorary fellowship is awarded for life. However, the Council may revoke the award of an honorary fellowship with the consent of the Senate, if good reasons shall have been shown to both bodies for so doing.