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Dr Amanda Wilkinson

Position in departmentAssociate Fellow
Staff positionEastern ARC Research Fellow for Digital Humanities
Telephone01206 873761
Current research

My current research focuses on the enumeration of women’s occupations in the Victorian censuses of England and Wales, with the aim of creating a new history of women’s economic contribution to society and the changing patterns in occupations available to working class women, and how the differences experienced by females across the country.  I also research the hidden profession - prostitution and the ways in which girls were tricked or forced to move between countries, primarily focusing on those coming to England from mainland Europe.

I am also involved in Digital Humanities and Big Data and work extensively with the I-CeM database.  Currently I am also working in collaboration with Prof Bennett at the University of Cambridge to research female entrepreneurs in Victorian Britain.

Research interests

Women and occupations in the census of England and Wales: 1851-1901, Prostitution and the trafficking of girls throughout Europe in the 19th Century


With Edward Higgs, Christine Jones, and Kevin Schürer (2013) The Integrated Census Microdata (I-CeM) Guide

‘The census enumeration of women working in the Courtauld silk mills, 1851-1901’. Local Population Studies, No. 85, Autumn 2010.

Book Review: ‘The Oxford Companion to family and local history,’ Local Population Studies, No. 86, Spring 2011.

‘Women and occupations in the census of England and Wales Revistied ,’ – co-authored with Professor Edward Higgs, Womens History Journal: 2016

'Women’s work in rural East Anglian communities: 1851-1901’

‘Prostitution, the hidden profession’


‘Do the Victorian censuses of England and Wales offer an accurate representation of married women’s occupations in provincial towns and cities: 1851-1901?’ Economic History Society Annual Conference, 2014.

‘Seduction Traffic: The immoral condition of the metropolis’, Scandalous Histories Conference, 2013.

‘A Woman’s Work..... the relationship between the working practices of women in urban and rural locations’, Uneasy Neighbours? Rural-urban relationships in the nineteenth century conference. 2013.

‘Invisible workers? The recording of women's occupations in the Victorian censuses’ The Director’s Seminar, Institute of Historical Research, 2013.

‘Prostitution in Victorian London’. The annual conference of the Social History Society, 2011.

‘Women and occupations in the census of England and Wales: 1851-1901’. Department of History Research Presentations, 2012.

‘Working-class employment patterns: A comparison of census data from Wivenhoe and Rowhedge’. MA research conference, Department of History, University of Essex, 2008.

‘Studying History at University’. University of Essex Higher Education Day. 2012.

Forthcoming: ‘Women’s Occupations in the Censuses of Rural Communities: 1851-1911’. EHS Women’s Committee 25th Anniversary Annual Workshop, 2014.

‘Women and work in provincial English towns’. Women’s History Seminar, Institute of Historical Research, 2014.

‘Changing patterns in female employment: 1851-1911’. High Minds: Victorian Making of Modern Britain lecture series, 2015.

Additional information

Deputy Director, Centre for Local and Regional History

Co-ordinator of the Certificate of Continuing Education in Local Historical Studies

Admissions Co-Director in the Department of History

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