Research Possibilites

I-CeM's comprehensive temporal and spatial coverage will offer support for research across a number of key social science disciplines and related research domains. This integrated and standardized historical resource will be designed to facilitate research over time, by region, and nationally.

It also allows comparative analysis alongside similar international research resources, where they exist. I-CeM’s extensive data collection relieves researchers from the need to key in their own data, which will increase the available time for analysis, and enable researchers to increase the range and complexity of the issues that can be addressed from the census returns.

In turn, this also offers huge potential for undergraduate and postgraduate learning engagements in a number of contexts, both methodological and substantive.

The ability to analyse complete censuses, rather than samples or local subsets of the data, will open up new forms of research. The I-CeM dataset, for example, allow historians to examine widely dispersed groups of people, such as migrants, the disabled, travellers, and particular occupation holders, over time.

It also, for example, allows migration to be studied in new ways, not only in terms of movement into places but where people born in particular communities moved to.

The ability of researchers to request data from geographical areas they can define will allow a much more powerful analysis of economic and geographical regions.

Beyond the immediate benefits for UK-based research, it is anticipated that the I-CeM holdings will be of significant interest to academic researchers outside the UK.

Making available new data, such as the 1911 census fertility survey and data on industry of work, will enable new research questions to be asked.

It is hoped that ultimately, if further funding can be fund, that the standardised and integrated I-CeM data collection will provide a platform for future longitudinal research, and the creation of a fully-linked Victorian Panel Study database for households and individuals in Great Britain for the period 1851-1911.