Access to Data

The I-CeM dataset is held at the UK Data Archive (UKDA) at the University of Essex in two forms - a ‘full’ version and an ‘anonymised’ version without names and addresses.

The data will be available from mid March 2014.

Anonymised dataset

Data from the anonymised version can be downloaded to their computers by accredited researchers in higher education institutions via a bespoke download facility at the UKDA. This allows researchers to identify the data on particular individuals though selection criteria, and to then download it, once an end user license agreement has been signed. The UKDA download facility also enables users to create tabulations of data online using the NESSTAR analysis software.

Full dataset

Data from the ‘full’ version cannot be downloaded to computers outside the UKDA, and has to be manipulated within a secure data environment within the UKDA. This requires the completion of a secure data user agreement by researchers.