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Some of our current and past students tell you about their experiences of postgraduate study in history at Essex.

Case study - Louise Rodwell, MA History

Louise undertook a Postgraduate Placement at Essex Record Office from May to August 2016. Here she talks about how the placement helped with her studies and her personal development.

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    What kind of work did you undertake during your placement with Essex Record Office, and what did you enjoy the most?

    "During my time at the Essex Record Office, I mainly focused on researching the history of Colchester High Street. The research conducted was part of the Colchester, Then and Now project which included a series of blog posts published on the ERO website. The research was also displayed at the 'Colchester on the Map' event held at the Colchester Town Hall in November 2016. During this event, the ERO also put original maps and sources on display for the public.

    "I really enjoyed getting immersed into the research and I particularly enjoyed working with the public in the search room as it allowed me to work in a practical environment. I worked with a variety of historical sources including maps, wills, property leases and birth, marriage and death certificates, some of which were digitised. My favourite sources to work with were the old photographs of the high street, which I then merged with present day photos using photo editing software and were also on display at 'Colchester on the Map'."

    How did that tie in with you research project/dissertation?

    "My dissertation focuses on post war town planning and the access to heritage in Colchester town centre which tied in very well to my work at the ERO. The placement allowed me to work directly with sources relating to the High Street and gave me access to a broad range of material which I included in my dissertation."

    What skills have you developed during the placement?

    "During my placement I was tasked with assisting people who were new to researching. I helped them conduct their own research in the ERO's search room. This gave me the opportunity to learn different approaches to research and tailoring information based on the needs of others."

    How would you describe the placement to your friends?

    "I would describe the placement as 100% worth it. It was great to get hands on experience in a job in history and curatorial studies which is pretty hard to come by!"

    How do you feel the placement has helped you enhance your future career?

    "I feel that it has helped my future career very much. I now have experience in a field relating to history and the placement has helped me to realise that I want to work in the field of historical studies rather than only utilising the transferable skills I gained whilst studying history and applying them to another career."

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Student stories

  • Laura Wesley, MA History

    “I was very keen to continue studying history at Essex; I previously studied sociology and history here during my undergraduate degree. I knew the Department offered a range of interesting postgraduate courses and the staff were very knowledgeable and supportive throughout the application process, which gave me confidence in my decision.

    “I have really liked the small class sizes which allow you to get to know your peers easily; this has enabled some excellent discussion to take place. I chose to focus on British history and I enjoy studying the modules Decency and Disorder: Institutions in Essex and Consumer Culture in Britain. It has been particularly interesting to study some local history. I really love my Department; everyone is so friendly and approachable.

    “Studying at Essex has definitely made me more confident and has helped refine some of the skills that I learnt at undergraduate level, such as essay writing, presenting and analysis. The atmosphere at our Colchester Campus is fantastic and I've met so many wonderful people; I have lots of fond memories of studying here.”

  • Amanda Wilkinson, PhD History

    “Staying at Essex to undertake my PhD was an easy decision, as I had completed my BA and MA within the University's Department of History, so knew the staff in my Department, and my potential supervisor, really well. Indeed, the Department of History at Essex was simply the perfect place for me to continue my studies.

    “My PhD examines the cultural and social implications of women working away from the home, in order to further understand the nature of under-enumeration in the census data between the years 1840 and 1944. This is an aspect of history that I am fascinated with and I really wanted to learn more about it. I love the fact that my PhD gives me this opportunity to immerse myself in my work, and to spend time researching and developing my writing further. Having really enjoyed my undergraduate time and my MA at Essex, I feel very lucky to have been able to stay here and study further.

    “I would love to work in academia in the future, so for me doing a PhD degree is essential. Following completion of my PhD I would like to spend my time lecturing and researching. I will have many fond memories of being at the University of Essex, particularly the close friends that I have made while studying here.”

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