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When should I apply?

When should I apply?

Make sure you don't miss important UCAS deadlines and other dates for your diary. If you're applying from the UK or another EU country, you should apply by 15 January. Students outside the EU should apply no later than 30 June.

If you would like more information about any of our courses before making your application, please email us.



In addition to the standard information required for postgraduate courses detailed in the links above, you will also need to send:

  • one academic reference
  • copies of one (or two) recent short pieces of written work in a relevant area, eg BA or MA essays
  • research proposal (research degrees only)
  • PhD research proposals

    Your research proposal should be 800 - 1,000 words, excluding the bibliography. It should first of all describe the area of your proposed research. You should then list questions, within this area, that you expect to address in your research.

    It may help if you list these questions as a series of bullet points. It is not sufficient simply to state what topics in history interest you in a general way. More specifically, you should explain how the research you intend to carry out relates to current research being conducted in the area. However, you are not expected to anticipate conclusions in your research proposal.

    Your proposal should conclude with a bibliography (15-20 items) of important books and articles in the area of your proposed research. It is essential that your proposal be detailed enough to enable us to judge the adequacy of your preparation for the research, the feasibility of the project and whether appropriate supervision will be available.

  • Proposals for MPhil and MA by Dissertation

    Your MPhil proposal should be 800-1,000 words in a similar format to the PhD proposal. For the MA by Dissertation we would expect 1,000 words. This does not include the bibliography, which should list between 10-15 items for an MPhil and around 10 items for the MA by Dissertation.