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From early modern European history to the Russian revolution and Latin American history, watch members of academic staff talk about their teaching and research expertise on our Vimeo channel:

Why History at Essex?

From Stalin to witchcraft, from slavery to film; throw yourself into History at Essex and explore all aspects of early modern and modern History.

Industrial revolution taster lecture

This taster lecture with Dr Amanda Wilkinson focuses on the importance of the industrial revolution and is part of our first year module The Making of the Modern World 1776-1989.

History: Hannah's Essex experience

In this video Hannah, explains that she chose to study history at Essex because of the range of modules available. She also speaks about the Frontrunners scheme - a work experience programme which helped her secure a graduate job in Student Support.

Why Essex? - “Because of the friendly and supportive network of people.” Elijah, MA History

In this video, MA History student, Elijah Bell explains why he chose Essex to continue his studies in History.